Friday, 11 April 2014

Tokyo: Irifune Sushi (入船寿司)

[Introduction chit-chat]

Should I feel guilty for ignoring this blog for so long? I should!
What makes it worse is that I have this blog save as draft for almost half a year but never really come back and finish it! My bad *tsk tsk*

So anyway I met up with MK from last month when I was in KL and she asked me what happened to my blog. Yeah, so that's why I'm here. I will try my best to clear the backdate stuffs since I'm having 3 trips in the 5 months from now and obviously I'm gonna eat a lot. I also think that maybe the direction of my blog will be reviewing of food I ate when I go on trips, more than everyday, general eating in Bangkok. So sorry about that if anyone looks forward to that sort of content (I don't think nobody cares anyway - haha)

So move on to the review!


This was the place I looked forward to the most, for my October 2013 trip in Tokyo. Read the review on tabelog and I went mad with the pix I saw people posting, all those maguro/akami/chutoro/otoro! If you are crazy about Otoro, this restaurant is a place you should not miss. I HIGHLY recommended!

The place is called Irifune Sushi. It situated a very short walking distance from Okusawa station but also not far from Jiyugaoka station. Very easy to find since it is on the main road.

I got there like 2.30pm something. It was already passed the lunch hour so I was the only customer there. I ordered their most famous Otoro Aburi Don (大トロのあぶり丼) which is basically a rice bowl top with partly grilled Otoro.

I think the uncle who took my order and worked on the fish is also the owner of this place. So we had a bit of chit-chat when I told him I came from Thailand. He was surprised then thanked me - you know how Japanese people are like! He then showed me this tray with pieces of maguro. From left to right: Otoro, Chutoro and Akami. He then spoke to me in English "Otoro Number 1!" - I couldn't agree more really.

Then I was served with a small bowl of cold starter - I think it was salmon boiled with soy sauce then put in the fridge coz the soup bit turned into this gelatin-like. I know, it sounds scary from the way I explained, I was horrified when I was served with that too since I didn't come from culture that eats cold food. Anyway, it was quite nice.

Then the real deal arrived. It looked like yakiniku (grilled beef) right? Can I also tell you it also smell like it too!? Oh my, just looking at the pic now makes me starving! The uncle told me I don't need to use shoyu since they already put some sauces on and just ate with the grated fresh wasabi on top. You would think it looked small - just don't let the look from pic deceived you...coz it was nowhere near small! I almost could not finish it - HELLO, ME?!?!?! 

Anyway, taste wise - when people described things like "melt in your mouth", I usually had no idea what they mean. However, in this case, I got it. When you put the aburi otoro in your mouth, you can really feel those fatty things melt in your mouth. It's super yummy and totally worth the money and time I paid to have this meal. Now since I talked about the price, you might be a bit scary to hear that this bowl of rice is 10,500yen (now it would be 10,800yen with the new 8% VAT). I know, I know! A meal that worth the price of decent hotel fee for one night in Tokyo. But it's really worth it! Worth the experience also. If you love otoro, this place is really a must. I would definitely go back when I have trip to Tokyo, definitely!

Irifune Sushi (入船寿司) 
Okusawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tokyo: Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE


Just came back from a week holiday in Tokyo. Yes, it's fangirl- related trip again but I'm glad to be able to stay for 7 days instead of 3 days like last trip!

I arrived around 8am and only able to dropped my luggage off around noon. I had like 3 hours to spare before able to check in for my room so I decided to go to Inokashira park in Kichijoji to kill time. Starving from my flight, it was such a bad time coz 1pm on Sunday at Atre Kichijoji, every restaurants were full with lines with people waiting for food. I strolled around a bit and found Aoyama Flower Market TEA House with lunch set and available seat. I just ordered my food and grabbed the seat instantly!

This is a branch of Tea House which main branch located in Aoyama (of course). The decoration was super relaxing! It was as if you were sitting in English garden and having your tea/food. I heard that this place is popular with rose tea and stuffs. I decided to choose for rose soda and beef stew as their set lunch.

The rose soda was very refreshing. Not too sweet and the rose aroma just didn't overpower everything. I had bad experience with rose-infused drink before. It's like they put too much rose flavour/smell into it and it just went yuck. But this is not - this is very nice.

There came my beef stew. The girl sitting next to my table literally licked the bowl so I expected it to be good and boy, that just met my expectation! It was really nice! Not just the look that nice but the taste also! Can you believe it? It was very homey and filling. The stew was not too sour (from tomato sauce or something - trust me, I tried the sour version of stew this trip. Will blog next time). I finished it and felt very happy afterwards. Such a great way to start my trip in Tokyo!

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
Atre Kichijoji B1F

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Yokohama: Ganso Sapporo-ya (横浜元祖 札幌や)

Hello! This is awkward but hey I'm back with super back-dated entry from Yokohama trip in January!

I just came back from my work trip in KL (aka Kuala Lumpur) and gonna post about my small food adventure then I found these pix of ramen store I visited in Yokohama that waited to be posted. So here we go!

Since my trip to Japan in January was super short (3D2N) and had limited time for leisure/sight-seeing, I had to do research on ramen place that nearby and convenient for me. Ganso Sapporo-ya was popped up as it is located at Sotetsu Joinus Yokohama which is right next to Yokohama JR station. Moreover, this place serves Hokkaido-style ramen with choices of shoyu, shio and miso soup base.

I divided into miso ramen with beansprout as topping. Let me tell you one thing, it was huge. Like super big bowl and with those beansprout on top. Anyway, topping was so yummy, I think they stir-fry it before or something. It was not plain beansprout at all. The miso soup was just perfect, not too bland or too strong but after awhile it was a bit too much so I had to add some chili powder to spice up the taste. I heard a lot of people ordering Shio-ramen so that could be their best/signature dish. Anyway, it was definitely a fulfilled meal - nice warm ramen on cold day. Absolute heaven!

Ganso Sapporo-ya (横浜元祖 札幌や)
Sotetsu Joinus B1F
Yokohama, Japan

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yokohama: Hayashiya Chaen (林屋茶園)

I was in Japan for a weekend fangirl getaway in the beginning of January. My trip was super short that I didn't get a chance to leave Yokohama and Shin-Yokohama, which is not bad at all since Yokohama is already kinda like "one stop service" for everything that Tokyo has.

Because my time was so limited, I planned my food schedule like crazy. So as soon as I arrived Yokohama and sorted out my luggage, I went for dessert at Hayashiya Chaen (林屋茶園) which is a branch of Kyo Hayashiya (京はやしや), famous Japanese green tea dessert shop from Kyoto, at Sogo Yokohama.

I ordered Hojicha parfait set which comes with a drink of your choice (I chose yuzu tea). Hojicha parfait seems to be one of the most famous menu at this shop. Hojicha is a type of green tea that has been roasted so the colour is more like brown-redish. The taste is lighter than normal matcha and has less caffeine too.

The parfait came with one scoop of Hojicha ice cream and vanilla soft serve, fresh cream, banana, peach, moji and hojicha jelly. I really love hojicha ice cream, the taste was actually strong but very pleasant - kind like matcha. Too bad they only provided us with one scoop, I wish to have more! The combination of everything in that cup is great anyway. And yuzu tea, so refreshing!

This place is definitely recommended for all sweet tooth or ice cream lovers. Anyhow, if you are not in Yokohama or Kyoto, Kyo Hayashiya also has branch at Haneda Int'l Airport so you can also try it there!

Hayashiya Chaen (林屋茶園) 
Sogo 10F

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Kobe : Moriya (モーリヤ)

Oh my, I didn't realise I have been abandoned this blog for ages. Well, same excuse as ever - please accept my apology!

When I planned to go to Kobe this summer, Kobe beef was top on the priority list that I must conquer. After some research, I decided to try Moriya (モーリヤ) since they have lunch set menu with decent price.

I arrived at the restaurant at 11.35pm and the shop was already crowded. Moriya do have other branches around so if this one is full, they will take you to other branches so no worry. I got seated at the counter so got a good view of teppan chef cooking for me and others!

I ordered 菊安土井 (KIKUYASU DOI) (A4, BMS value No. 6 or 7) SIRLOIN STEAK 170 g for 6,200 yen. They then brought out the meat to show me first. The chef just kept encouraging me to take more photos of the meat. He then asked how I would like my meat to be. I always like my meat medium rare but decided to ask what the chef would recommend for me, he also suggested medium rare.

While chef prepared to cook my meat, the soup and salad were served. Soup was cold Vichyssoise (potato & leek) which was perfect for summer day. Though I'd prefer one at Triplets Brasseries more.

Chef cooked the garlic first, then vegetables and meat. He suggested I should try with salt first then try the meat with wasabi. I really like having the meat with wasabi as it brought out the sweetness in meat. 

I know Moriya is not the cheapest place in town for beef but it was still a great experience for me. I definitely wanna try higher rank meat next time when I'm in Japan or Kobe!

Moriya (モーリヤ)
Kobe, Japan
JR station: Sannomiya