Monday, 16 July 2012

Bangkok: Triplets Brasseries

It has been a long time since me and Tee from Passports and Postcards had catch-up. With Tee is going to US for her study soon, we decided to go somewhere super nice before she leaves the country. I let her decide on where to go so she suggested Triplets Brasserie, a French restaurant which used to located in Thong Lor but now move to Lang Suan, just behind LUXX XL Hotel.

The decoration inside was pretty warm and happening, unlike other French restaurant which would be absolute high-end. I think with this kind of warm and cozy ambience, it would help people get into French food coz let's be honest, French food in Thailand is like a symbol of high-end, rich people coz you can only get it at hotel restaurant. You can't really find decent French restaurant that's not too expensive for people in general unlike Italian or Japanese. I really think that is why French food has never made a scene in Thailand.

Anyway, on to our food. Since me and Tee had no idea about French food, our waiter has helped us in recommending dishes. We ordered quite a few to share but did make room for desserts coz we realised that we usually ate too much main course that we never get to try desserts! We ordered our cocktails - I actually forgot what I ordered, must be Lychee martini or something. Not bad but not as nice as the one I had at Soba Totto. That could be the best Lychee martini I have ever had.

We then digged in for their free bread. Don't you just love it when the free bread is super yummy - warm and tasty, not the hard cold bread they just put on your table (or other tables before you came) for god-how-long. Me and Tee loved their breads and finished them not long. Best thing about it? You can ask for more - OHMYGOD.

(Please forgive me as I forgot the names of what we ordered and their website seemed to be down at the moment so I cannot provide the exact name of the dishes but I will try!)

First dish that came was the rocket salad with home-made lemon soft cheese. This is a winning dish. I love it. It's a simple and clean dish. Their dressing was a bit sweet but not too much. Their cheese was so good. When you have them altogether with the rocket, it's just amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Next on was Vichyssoise, a potato soup which seems to be the recommended dish of the restaurant. I find it okay. Not really kicking me or anything.

Potato gratin was very cheesy that if you are on diet, this dish is a NO-NO for you. Order it if you love cheese, I don't think you won't be disappointed!

Last one of the savoury dishes, spaghetti with spicy shredded duck. It was really, really nice. You'll get the heat after 3-4 bites but the taste was very good. I think it suits the taste-bud of Thais who don't just like creamy cheesy stuffs. This dish will spice up your meal.

On to the sweet dish, we ordered Tarte Tartin with vanilla ice cream. They were pretty creative with the whole tart thing since they used the whole apple to make the tart. Anyway, the ice cream is what I want to rave about. You can see the vanilla beans in it which makes me so happy they didn't use cheap vanilla ice cream and it wasn't too sweet but enough to help tone down the tartness of apple tart.

We paid roughly a thousand baht per each so it's definitely not a cheap eat. But if you ask me about the quality and experience, I think it's worth it. Anyway, I'll be missing my foodie partner while she's away. Let's hope we can reunite for foodie soon when she comes to visit home or me visit her *fingers cross*. Bye Bye 'N Tee!!!!

Triplets Brasserie
Behind LUXX XL Hotel, Opposite K-bank Lang Suan Soi 6
Lang Suan Road, Bangkok

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