Friday, 7 June 2013

Yokohama: Ganso Sapporo-ya (横浜元祖 札幌や)

Hello! This is awkward but hey I'm back with super back-dated entry from Yokohama trip in January!

I just came back from my work trip in KL (aka Kuala Lumpur) and gonna post about my small food adventure then I found these pix of ramen store I visited in Yokohama that waited to be posted. So here we go!

Since my trip to Japan in January was super short (3D2N) and had limited time for leisure/sight-seeing, I had to do research on ramen place that nearby and convenient for me. Ganso Sapporo-ya was popped up as it is located at Sotetsu Joinus Yokohama which is right next to Yokohama JR station. Moreover, this place serves Hokkaido-style ramen with choices of shoyu, shio and miso soup base.

I divided into miso ramen with beansprout as topping. Let me tell you one thing, it was huge. Like super big bowl and with those beansprout on top. Anyway, topping was so yummy, I think they stir-fry it before or something. It was not plain beansprout at all. The miso soup was just perfect, not too bland or too strong but after awhile it was a bit too much so I had to add some chili powder to spice up the taste. I heard a lot of people ordering Shio-ramen so that could be their best/signature dish. Anyway, it was definitely a fulfilled meal - nice warm ramen on cold day. Absolute heaven!

Ganso Sapporo-ya (横浜元祖 札幌や)
Sotetsu Joinus B1F
Yokohama, Japan

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