Monday, 17 December 2012

Kobe : Moriya (モーリヤ)

Oh my, I didn't realise I have been abandoned this blog for ages. Well, same excuse as ever - please accept my apology!

When I planned to go to Kobe this summer, Kobe beef was top on the priority list that I must conquer. After some research, I decided to try Moriya (モーリヤ) since they have lunch set menu with decent price.

I arrived at the restaurant at 11.35pm and the shop was already crowded. Moriya do have other branches around so if this one is full, they will take you to other branches so no worry. I got seated at the counter so got a good view of teppan chef cooking for me and others!

I ordered 菊安土井 (KIKUYASU DOI) (A4, BMS value No. 6 or 7) SIRLOIN STEAK 170 g for 6,200 yen. They then brought out the meat to show me first. The chef just kept encouraging me to take more photos of the meat. He then asked how I would like my meat to be. I always like my meat medium rare but decided to ask what the chef would recommend for me, he also suggested medium rare.

While chef prepared to cook my meat, the soup and salad were served. Soup was cold Vichyssoise (potato & leek) which was perfect for summer day. Though I'd prefer one at Triplets Brasseries more.

Chef cooked the garlic first, then vegetables and meat. He suggested I should try with salt first then try the meat with wasabi. I really like having the meat with wasabi as it brought out the sweetness in meat. 

I know Moriya is not the cheapest place in town for beef but it was still a great experience for me. I definitely wanna try higher rank meat next time when I'm in Japan or Kobe!

Moriya (モーリヤ)
Kobe, Japan
JR station: Sannomiya

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  1. We get busy sometimes...
    Kobe - I'm jealous! Sounds like fun