Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yokohama: Hayashiya Chaen (林屋茶園)

I was in Japan for a weekend fangirl getaway in the beginning of January. My trip was super short that I didn't get a chance to leave Yokohama and Shin-Yokohama, which is not bad at all since Yokohama is already kinda like "one stop service" for everything that Tokyo has.

Because my time was so limited, I planned my food schedule like crazy. So as soon as I arrived Yokohama and sorted out my luggage, I went for dessert at Hayashiya Chaen (林屋茶園) which is a branch of Kyo Hayashiya (京はやしや), famous Japanese green tea dessert shop from Kyoto, at Sogo Yokohama.

I ordered Hojicha parfait set which comes with a drink of your choice (I chose yuzu tea). Hojicha parfait seems to be one of the most famous menu at this shop. Hojicha is a type of green tea that has been roasted so the colour is more like brown-redish. The taste is lighter than normal matcha and has less caffeine too.

The parfait came with one scoop of Hojicha ice cream and vanilla soft serve, fresh cream, banana, peach, moji and hojicha jelly. I really love hojicha ice cream, the taste was actually strong but very pleasant - kind like matcha. Too bad they only provided us with one scoop, I wish to have more! The combination of everything in that cup is great anyway. And yuzu tea, so refreshing!

This place is definitely recommended for all sweet tooth or ice cream lovers. Anyhow, if you are not in Yokohama or Kyoto, Kyo Hayashiya also has branch at Haneda Int'l Airport so you can also try it there!

Hayashiya Chaen (林屋茶園) 
Sogo 10F

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  1. Japan! Lucky you. I hope to one day go myself....
    The hojicha cream sounds interesting...

    1. You would love it there, Joyti. The food and all those little things for cooking & baking will make you bankrupt easily!