Sunday, 28 October 2012

Osaka: Hokkyokusei 北極星

I think secretly I am a fan of Omu-rice coz I am always drawn to Omu-rice whenever I go to Japan (since we didn't get decent Omu-rice restaurant in Bangkok until recently). Hokkyokusei (北極星) was one of the place I found from reading Kat's Our Adventure in Japan blog. It has branches in Shinsaibashi and at Daimaru Umeda so it's very convenient for me as I was based around Umeda when I stayed in Osaka.

Hokkyokusei at Daimaru Umeda was located in B2F and has about 10 counter seats. Their menu only focus on omu-rice or omlette rice with different meat; chicken, pork, beef, mushroom, crab, prawn, ham and shellfish.

I ordered beef omu-rice. The sauce may look like it's just a ketchup but it isn't. It's tomato sauce with some onions and seasoning. Inside the egg is fried rice with beef and ketchup. It's quite home-taste. It's definitely a comfort foood. I guess if you are a hungry shopper, this is definitely good for quick and tasty meal. Another choice for omu-rice in Umeda area.

Hokkyokusei (北極星) 
B2F Daimaru Umeda
JR Station: Osaka

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