Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bangkok: Doorae at Korean Town (revisited)

Hello world. This is embarrassing. I just realised that I haven't blogged for a month now. And I actually miss saying "Happy New Year" to all of you. I'm still alive and still eating. So wish everyone a good year anyway!

I haven't had Korean food for a while now so I arranged a lunch with friends at Korean town. We used to want to try all restaurants but now we felt like we couldn't be bothered anymore so I stick with Doorae, our forever fave Korean restaurant in Thailand.

The way to start a Korean meal is to eat all the assortment of Kimchi side dishes!

choices are massive here and it's free (or already include in the dish's price)

my fave side dish - raw papaya kimchi. So yummy

A ordered the marinated pork, just like the last time we ate there (previous blog post). It was still good.


Sundobu Jigae

I was seriously craving Sundobu jigae (Soft tofu stew) and A was craving Gamja-Tang (braised short ribs and potato stew) so we ordered both. How greedy were we! Both were good; hot and very tasty. I love Korean stew dish. It looks spicy but it wasn't too bad. It kinda made the meal complete of hearty food. I would highly recommend if you don't like the tangy taste of kimchi jigae then sundobu jigae will be great option for you. Plus, it's tofu - that's good for your health!
Gamja-Tang was also good but I would prefer sundobu jigae over it - hehe.

A was as his usual, he ordered Nakji Bokkeum or stir-fried octopus while I was talking on the phone. So when the dish came I was like I so knew who orderd this! It was as good as usual.

Before J came to join us, we decided to order Tteokbokki (Rice cake in spicy sauce) just in case she missed her time in Korea last year. It was okay but if you are on no-carb diet, you shouldn't order it since that's rice cake for you.

This is definitely a fulfilled authentic Korean meal. I can only eat Korean food here in Korean town coz I feel like the other Korean restaurants in shopping malls are not authentic and the taste isn't as good as the authentic one. I'd rather drive to the city centre of Bangkok, where traffic jammed than eating non authentic tasteless food.

Doo Rae

1/F, Sukhumvit Plaza,
Sukhumvit Soi 12
Tel 02 653 3815
BTS: Asok

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  1. your post made me soooo hungry
    i love thai food and i love korean food toooo!
    ur blog is yummmyyy
    i shall be reading more xx