Sunday, 25 December 2011

Bangkok: Fabio Steak House

Merry X'mas and Happy Boxing Day to all my readers out there who celebrated it. Hope you all have a great day!

Last Friday, I went out for dinner with P, my oldest friend ever. We've been friends since primary school and always kept in touch though we went to different high school and uni etc. Amazingly we never lost touch at all and we happen to live in the same neighbourhood too! We supposed to meet up way way before but then the flood came and so on, we only were able to reschedule our meeting now. I suggested we should have Italian at Fabio Steak House which isn't far from our homes.

X'mas decoration

This place is like a hidden gem because their food is very good but not in swanky area like in Sukhumvit or Silom. I was introduced to this place by my uni friend, MM, who also lives close-by to me. We always came here for food when she or I were still in Bangkok. Now she's in the US. I heard she's coming back soon so maybe I can arrange a luncheon or dinner with her here for old time's sake!

baked mashed potato with spinach and bacon

spicy shrimp salad

For starters, P ordered the baked mashed potato with spinach and bacon while I recommended the spicy shrimp salad. The potato was nice and a good way to start the meal, though P said it was quite creamy/buttery but still nice. The salad was my and many's favourite. It was mixing between Western style mayo dressing and Thai style spicy and sour dressing. It sounded gross but it turned out very nice. This is the dish to order no matter you can stand the heat or not. It's a must!

We ordered their spaghetti with sauages in pesto sauce to share. Personally, I think this place made the best non-creamy pasta, say aglio olio, pesto or even tomato-based. This dish wasn't disappointing at all. The pesto wasn't too heavy to overpower other taste in the dish. Very nice.

I was craving pizza so bad so we ordered one to share. I can't remember the exact name but something that has mushroom, ham and black olives coz I love the black olives! I love the original thin slices pizza so much. The crispiness makes everything perfect. Their portion wasn't too which made us able to eat other stuffs too - that's what I also like about this place.

I told to P to spare her tummy for dessert coz this place's Crêpe Suzette is like the bomb! They would made it in front of you with the Flambé and stuffs so if you are on a date or with children, it's highly recommended dish. They served it with peach slices and vanilla ice cream and orange sauce. Very yummy.

I really love this place and everyone whom I introduced this place to also love them. Definitely on the top list of my fave restaurant!

Fabio Steak House
4 Soi Thesabalrangsarit Tai Prachaniwet 1,
Latyao, Chatuchak Bangkok 10900
Tel. 02-9544194

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  1. Happy New Year! May 2012 be filled with many more foodie adventures :)

  2. Looks good. I love black olives on my pizza too...when I was little and went to get pizza with my uncle, the waiters would bring out extra black olives for me.

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