Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bangkok: Doorae at Korean Town

Happy Thai New Year, everyone! I'm in the middle of 5 days holiday. Nothing much happened though since most shops and small restaurants close and everyone either has gone back to their hometowns or splashing water around to celebrate the Songkran holiday. (For more info on water and Thai New Year, please click here)

Last week, before the holiday started, I was craving Korean food so bad that I tried calling everyone to join me. In the end, only P and A able to join me. We went to Korean town at Sukhimvit 12 for super authentic Korean food. The thing about us when we went to Korean town is that we always said we want to try new restaurant as there are so many of them there. However, we always ended up eating at "Doo Rae" everytime. Of course, that day wasn't an exception - we ended up at Doo Rae.

You gotta love Korean food for serving unlimited side-dishes. I love Kimchi, all sort of it so I was very happy with this!

We ordered some basic stuffs; beef bulgogi and marinated pork. We asked them to grill for us coz we couldn't really bother with that. It was good, I mean there's nothing to complain about grilled meat right?

A wanted stir fry squids with Korean Chili paste. It looked fiercely but it wasn't that spicy for this one. You can enjoy it with rice without any problem.

I suggested we should step outside the box (at least order something new though we didn't change restaurant), instead of kimchi shige, we went for soon dobu shige which I think is soft tofu hot soup. It was very good actually. Not bland and very much enjoyable when it was hot.

It was such a good meal although the price is a bit high. I would say you should come with lots of friends or families so you will get to enjoy the variety of dishes and in cheaper price!

Doo Rae

1/F, Sukhumvit Plaza,
Sukhumvit Soi 12
Tel 02 653 3815
BTS: Asok

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  1. I've been looking for a Korean restaurant to get some good bugolgi. I'll be back to BKK after the holidays so we can meet up for some ramen. Hope you're having a relaxing Songkran!