Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bangkok: Taling Ping (ตะลิงปิง)

Hi Hi! I know I have been missing again. No excuse, just that I'm lazy - ha! Anyway, I actually have been keeping track of what I ate but never have inspiration to put it down into entry. I will try hard from now on anyway, to update my blog regularly!

Two weeks ago, I went out for a dinner with my friend at the renovated Central Ladprao. We couldn't figure out what to eat since there are many new restaurants. S fancied Thai dinner so we decided to try Taling Ping. P was actually skeptical coz she heard so many people said it was medicore.

We ordered quite a handful of dishes like deep fried sea bass, spicy salad, stir fried glass noodle with vegetable, crispy fish with chilli paste and spicy stir fried sator (I don't know what it's called in English but it's like this smelly edible seed, I know that in Malaysia and Singapore they also eat this too).

stir fried sator with chilli and shrimp

spicy mushroom salad

crispy fish with chilli paste

deep fried sea bass

stir fried glass noodle with vegetable

Taste was actually not bad. Kinda like home cooking. I would say it's a comfort food but the price was rather shocking. I think all these dishes with rice and drinks, it was about Baht1,200. Kinda expensive for general everyday food, don't you think?

Taling Ping (ตะลิงปิง)
Ground Floor
Central Ladprao
MRT: Paholyothin

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  1. i tried to google but i cant figure out wat sator is