Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bangkok: Tuba

I re-visited Tuba again with my NGO girls as lives have been very hard for us so we needed to chill out and let ourselves loose a bit. I met up with D1 first before S, D2 and my friend, A, who also works in development field joined us. The thing about Tuba which we love is their HUGE glass of cocktail which cost 200Baht and their happy hour, buy 1 get 1 free, from 5-8 pm. So it means we can pay 200Baht for 2 HUGE glasses of cocktails. Isn't it great or what!?

Apple Daiquiri & Frozen blue magarita

I have thought about my drink since the night before (which showed how much I wanted to be there) so as soon as we got there, I ordered my Apple Daiquiri. My glass must have been the first drink they made of the day coz I could feel alcohol running down my throat. Well, not that I complan anyway. It was still as good as it should be. D1 ordered Frozen Blue Magarita. I took a sip and it wasn't bad. Although it's blue, i didn't taste like cleansing alcohol like cocktail at Novotel in Hyderabad.

Rocket salad with parma ham & Seafood tom yum fried rice

While waiting for others, we ordered Rocket salad with parma ham and Seafood tom yum fried rice. The salad was incredibly nice. I love the taste of rocket so I was happy that their dressing wasn't overpowered the taste of rocket. Along with parma ham and rocket, they added generous amount of sliced almond. YUMMY! Now for tom yum fried rice, usually when people cook this kind of 'adapting food' - it's either worst or simply the best. Tuba was the latter. You can still feel the heat and smell the scenet of herbs from tom yum in this fried rice. It was tasty that we ended up ordering this again before we left!

Full moon Tuba

Finally, S, D2 and A arrived just in time for me to order my second round. I ordered Full moon Tuba (or something) which is orange juice with rum (and something). It was refreshing!

Spicy salmon and squid ink spaghetti

We ordered salmon with spicy sauce and squid ink spaghetti. We have had great experience with these dishes last time decided to re-order them. The salmon was really spicy like its name. Usually with restaurant that serve both Thai and Western food, the level of their spiciness seem to be lost with cheese and bread. But Tuba didn't fail this at all. One thing we noticed about squid ink spaghetti was that the dish seems to be smaller than last time we ate here. It was still yummy and still gave us blank mouth and teeth as well. (Anyway, question: does squid ink has any benefit? Just curious)

We also ordered Lobster Bisque (yummy and I actually like it more that Minibar Royale's one since it didn't taste too lobster), Baked spinash (so-so) and baked cheese river prawn pasta (very cheesy, I love!). In the end, ID2 and I drank 4 glasses by the end of Happy hour. That wasn't bad, considered S drank 6 mojitos! So fortunated that D1 who only had 2 drinks all night drove all of us back home. I can't imagine what would I do if I actually drove my own car!


30 Soi Ekamai 21,
Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok
Tel. 02 711 5500
BTS: Thong Lor or Ekamai

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  1. I have to visit this place- great deals on cocktails, who can resist?

    My friend is also hesitant to go to India for the same reasons as you. I can risk it all just to see the Taj Mahal!

  2. How delicious again. I am not a drinker, but those cocktails are so pretty that I might be persuaded to change my mind :)