Friday, 15 October 2010

Bangkok: Utaandon

Last week, me and friends arranged a meeting at re-opened Central World. It was like coming back home again. I remembered going there so often, almost every week, to just hang around, shopping and dining. Ironically, as I parked my car on 7th floor, same spot as ever, my ipod started playing Boyzone's Coming Home Now. It gave me the chill as literally, I was really coming "HOME".

N suggested that we need to eat at Utaandon since it's been a while and we all just agreed. Utaandon is Japanese restaurant specialised on udon/soba as they made those themselves. It is located on 6th floor of Isetan, closely to Kinokuniya book store. Isetan's 6th floor is like Japanese food heaven anyway, with wide-range from Tonkatsu to yakiniku, even Japanese-style spaghetti. Also the food hall in front of Isetan's supermarket on 5th floor is also Japanese food heaven for take away stuffs. Try food-shopping around 7pm there and you would feel as if you were shopping at Tokyu's supermarket in Shibuya; food price was lower and Japanese people started grabbing food around. It is very interesting, not to mention all food taste awesome!

Back to Utaandon, I was late arrival as I spent time browsing through F21, Zara, Mango and Central Food Hall so only able to capture food I have ordered. I ordered Tempura Udon Zen (if I remember the name correctly). Basically, it's cold udon with dipping sauce along with prawn and vegetable tempura. It looked small but never let that deceive you because the portion is very filling. I like their udon, the density and size is just perfect. Their dipping sauce is also good, I put in negi, grated daikon and a bit of wasabi to spice up the taste and it was yum.

I also ordered Fresh Tofu Salad. I really like Japanese dressings. I think this one it is sesame-based dressing. It went very well with salad. I love this dish for tofu and avocado. I usually find avocado too "fatty" for my taste if I eat just plain avocado but I have no problem eating it with the salad dressing and tofu. It did compliment each other well.

Shame that we were too full by now as I wanted to order their Oden. Oh well, next time!

6th floor Isetan,
Central World,
Open: 11.00 - 21.00 Hrs


  1. I had this goal of eating at every restaurant in CW but I dunno if I want to do that now (post-fire). My friend said CW's not the same anymore but it sounds like you enjoyed it there.

  2. Japanese style spaghetti - never had it and now I'm dying to know what it is! Sounds delicious...