Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bangkok: Minibar Royale

I tried to arrange a luncheon/dinner with my NGO friends for quite some time now. Unfortunately, they were all over the place and always busy. I proposed to a meeting at Minibar Royale after reading T's entry here. It seems like a good chilled-out place with long list of drinks to order. More unfortunate events coming, D2 and RW couldn't come and on the other hand, I think I may caught Influenza 2009. D1 asked if we should cancel, I said no. Nothing should stop me from consuming food and drinking my alcohols. Anyhow, just to be safe, I took medicines hard-core hoping I would get better by the end of the week (which I did).

Champagne au Fraise (left) and Minibar Royale (right)

We arrived at the restaurant around 11.30 am and it was almost full. Seems like it is the place to be for hipsters who crave proper sunday brunch. The atmosphere, for me, was like a cafe in Paris while, for D1, she deems it is like a pub in England. Either way, it was relaxing. We were hesitated on what to order for a bit although their food list isn't that long. We decided to order Lobster Bisque, Spicy Calamari Salad and Sheperd's Pie. Drink wise, we opted for their recommendation of Minibar Royale and Champagne au Fraise.

The lobster bisque was very-lobster bisque. That could be the worst explaination ever but to me it is really Lobster Bisque. Not every restaurant can pull the taste of prawn/lobster out like this. D1 was very pleased. She's an avid fan of Lobster Bisque and said it is better than Greyhound's.

The Spicy calamari sald was fantastic. The salad looked bland as you barely noticed the dressing but it tasted just right. I think it is vinigrette. Not too soggy. Very good. Now talking about calamari, they deep-fried it with some chilli and salt. Great combination if you ask me.

The Sheperd's Pie is on heavy-side. It was so so. Nothing to complain or praise about.

After that we were a bit full but wanting to have some dessert. After negotiation, we agreed on Molten cake with vanilla ice cream and seasonal fruits. The molten cake was nice and went so well with the ice cream. If only we weren't so full, we would have finished that! Anyhow, the banana was too ripped and D1 just hated that.

The last round of drink, I decided to take on Lychee Martini and D1 went for Cosmopolitan. She said it is great. Tasted much better than the one she had at Aqua in Four Season. My Lychee Martini was a little bit too sweet although it did give me a big kick after drinking it.

The bill came on expensive side but was already expected. I think this would be another choice for me to come for chill-out and drink. Probably will try Brunch meal next time.

Minibar Royale
Citadine Hotel
Sukhum 23, Bangkok
Open 10.30 - midnight

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  1. Thanks Patzie. Next time pls drop by to say hi.

    I'm always spotted there on Wednesday and Sunday morning.


    Minibar Royale's PR

  2. Your drinks and the molten cake looks good! I think I'll try to make it back there for some brunch items.

    I didn't love the Shepard's pie either - I think it was the Italian sausage that didn't blend well with the whole thing. I remember liking the one at Londoner's (Sukhumvit Soi 33).