Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Road Food: Service Area, Motorway

I was on company outing last weekend in Rayong. The weather was amazing, cool breeze by the beach. I would have enjoyed it more if we actually got outside under the sun more instead of 6 hours in meeting room.

On the way back to Bangkok, we stopped by at service area on motorway for lunch. Too many restaurants/food stalls/souvenir shop lined up waiting for you. Me and V were trying to look out for the one with lots of people eating to save ourselves from bad food. We then ended up at this shop selling, well, everything since the list goes from rice and curry to chicken rice to Fish Tom Yum noodle.

I ordered Ba Mee (egg noodle) Fish Tom Yum noodle with iced black tea. The iced tea was incredibly sweet (not liking but expected). The noodle was interesting though. Usually when we order tom yum noodle, it would be clear soup with chilli flakes and lime juice. But this one is the tom yum dish just like when you order at restaurant; milky soup with moderated heat. I was expecting the sourness but I didn't get it. I have to season it again with the giving condiment. It was okay meal, nothing on top. Though I'm a bit sad coz people usually said 'road-side food/food at gas station and service area is medicore, nothing interesting' and this shop just proved to them that they are correct.

Side track: I've been vegetarian for 2 days now, only temporary though. I realised that it's such a big thing to go over the temptation of craving meat but it isn't like something i cannot overcome.

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  1. I tried doing Vegetarian Thursdays for 2010 but I keep forgetting but I do have vegetarian meals now and then to compensate ;) Let us know if you come across any good meat-free restaurants or dishes!