Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Osaka: Tsurutontan TOP CHEFS (つるとんたん TOPCHEFS)

I just checked the last time I blogged and realised I have been abandonned my blog again! Please forgive me. August was a really crazy month as I lost my grandpa just two weeks for my birthday. That was quite something isn't it?

Anyway, let's go back to my Japan post. I am following quite a number of bloggers who live in Japan, esp. foodies, and Our adventures in Japan is one the best Osaka/Hawaii-based blogs I came across with. Kat has shared many good local eats in Osaka and I definitely picked up some as part of my adventure in Kansai&Chugoku this year.

Kat has reviewed about this udon place in Daimaru Umeda. She said they served quite decent udon with huge white bowl. Upon the first day of my arrival in Osaka, I decided that I shall try this for dinner.

I walked back from Umeda Sky Building so you can imagine that I was soaking with sweat since that was in July, the middle of summer season. I couldn't tell you how pleased I was to be in air-conditioned environment. It was around 5pm and the place, Tsurutontan TOP CHEFS (つるとんたん TOPCHEFS), was quite empty at that moment. I was seated at counter as usual for solo eater. I ordered my food and my beer. Couldn't tell you how blissful it is to have nice cold beer after being under the sun all day.

I couldn't remember my order exactly. Maybe it was rei-shabu udon with Kobe beef? It's basically cold udon with sesame sauce on top. It was very delicious. I'm a big fan of sesame sauce/dressing so I was really happy to have this. The portion might seem small but trust me, it's more than enough for a meal.

Aside from cold udon, they also have ones and seems to be famous for kare udon. It's quite convenient if you happen to shop at Daimaru umeda or stay nearby in umeda area. Definitely worth check it out.

Tsurutontan TOP CHEFS (つるとんたん TOPCHEFS)
B2F Daimaru Umeda
website: http://www.tsurutontan.co.jp/umeda/

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