Saturday, 22 September 2012

Singapore: Antoinette at Palais Renaissance

Last week I was in Singapore for a very short break. It was a very productive trip since I met up with many friends and my schedule was so tight with food and fangirl-ish that I didn't even have time for shopping. Okay, only one trip to H&M but that does not count!

Anyway, I have planned this trip actually before going to Japan so I told MK of Sleepwalking in Tokyo about my trip. She said she wanted to go to Singapore as well but had some plan for that week already. Only a week or two before, she told me that she could come for the trip and would meett up with me & her friend last Friday. MK was a ramen-deprived (actually I think she still is - hahah) so we had late lunch at Ippudo SG which review does not need anymore. We did some walking/shopping before heading to Palais Renaissance, like at another end of Orchard Road besides Thai Embassy, for some sweet stuffs.

I believe the real name of this branch is Le Jardin D'Antoinette which really reflects in the decoration of this outlet. It is as if you were sitting in a garden and having nice cup of tea with some desserts. Every detail of this place is quite fancy - even children's high chairs! They are very French-ish!

We ordered some fancy desserts/pastries to try. I must say it is very interesting and not bad at all.

I ordered "FORBIDDEN FRUIT" which described in Antoinette Facebook page as "green apple mousse, green apple jelly, roasted caramelized green apple, maple cremeux and financier sponge". It was very light and refreshing. Taste was not strong so it was perfect when you aren't fancy anything too heavy.

MK ordered "FRAMBOISIER - vanilla cream cheese mousse, raspberry jelly, vanilla creme chantilly, fresh berries, almond crumble". I think it was in an okay standard - nothing fancy about it but I think MK might have other thing to say about this as she hates cream. I asked her why she ordered this then since it had cream more than any other, she just said she likes berries - heheh!

Last one was ordered by MK's friend, LE ROYALE - dark chocolate mousse, almond succes, chocolate genoise with rum, almond hazelnut feullitine. It was very pleasant for chocolate lover who do not like it too sweet. It was very rich and nice. If you love chocolate, this one is definitely worth trying!

Too bad I didn't try their tea as my friend said it was really good but they only have hot tea and to have hot tea when you are sweating from the heat is just a bad idea! This place is definitely worth visiting if you are in Singapore and fancy some sweet!

Antoinette at Palais Renaissance
B1F, Palais Renaissance
Orchard Road, Singapore
MRT Station: Orchard

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