Saturday, 18 August 2012

Osaka: Jiyuken (自由軒)

As a foodie, when I identify places to visit, my priority is to find eating places in such city. Jiyuken is also one of the restaurants in Osaka that I feel like I HAVE to visit. Somehow, when you talk about summer in Japan, people will talk about Kare or curry as summer food. I was browsing through tabelog which is like Japan's version of Yelp and found Jiyuken. This place seems to famous for kare rice in their own style and it happens to locate in Namba which is so convenient so definitely I wouldn't miss it!  

I got there around 11.30am and the queue was already formed. As I observed, this place is quite famous for both local and foreign tourists. I saw a couple, probably from Taiwan, opened guide book which has detail about this place so I guess you would have no problem in terms of ordering the dish even you can't speak Japanese.

Everyone must order this dish 名物カレー. Now now, the problem is I'm not actually how to pronounce this dish! Japanese man in front of me said "Menbutsu Kare" (which I thought it was the name also) but the restaurant lady just said "Nama Kare" back to us so I guess it's nama kare. It's basically rice mixing with curry like how you would make fried rice then top with raw egg. Normal dish it would be just one egg but since I'm such a big eater, I went for 大カレー(Dai Kare) or big one with two eggs! If you hate raw egg, you would hate this (obviously) but if you don't mind it or even love it, then it's simply delicious! Their kare is quite strong in terms of taste so it was very nice to have raw egg simplify the taste (if that's correct verb for it!).

If you are shopping in Namba, this place is definitely worth a visit. Aside from kare dish, they also have many other dishes so please try!

Jiyuken 自由軒 
Namba, Osaka, Japan

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