Saturday, 11 August 2012

Himeji: Grill TENPEI

It feels like forever since I last updated my blog. I just came back from Japan anyway. Summer in Japan wasn't that fun since the heat can kill you and this comes from a woman from Thailand! I got so tanned even though I put on SPF50++ and had parasol on all the time.

This trip I went to Kansai and Chugoku area which is the west and south of Honshu island. First entry of this trip is in Himeji, the city that people will visit for the Himeji Castle but never really spend time there. At first, I wasn't planned to visit Himeji since the Castle is under renovation but I was looking through some information on the internet and they said it's worth a visit coz you can see constructors fixing the roof and wall. I went and it was really worth a visit.

It was really amazing to see how the Japanese really take it into their account and care about small details. Definitely worth a visit!

Anyway, back to our food. I have been eyeing at this restaurant, Grill TENPEI in Himeji as I saw that their rating at Tabelog (which is like US' Yell website) is pretty good. I planned to have lunch there but unfortunately conflict of schedule, I have to change the plan to have dinner there instead.

I was like the first customer of that evening so I was seated at the counter where you can actually see chefs cooking your food. The down side of this restaurant is that their menu is only in Japanese! If you cannot read katakana, that would be quite a problem to make order. But never fret, I would suggest you to go on their tabelog site and do some google translate when looking the menu to see their choices and you google translate to see how their pronounce such dish. Japanese people are quite helpful anyway so don't feel nervous trying to communicate with them.


I ordered Hamburg Steak with rice. It was one of the best decision I made coz the Hamburg was really juicy and the meat was well seasoned. I could hear the chef pounding my hamburg patty so I knew it was made by order, not pre-made. This made their Hamburg so special! The demi-glace sauce was really delicious. It didn't overpower the meat at all. No wonder this was the best meal of this trip and that could be the best Hamburg steak I ever had in my life.

If you visit Himeji, Grill TENPEI is what I highly recommended. The restaurant is stone-throw from the Castle and right next to the tourist navi office. Their lunch is famous for their Omu-rice so please go try.

Himeji, Hyogo, Japan
Tabelog website

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