Sunday, 10 June 2012

New York: Ippudo Ramen NY

Finally, it's my 100th entry! I cannot believe I am actually last this long as food blogger. I know I'm not that active or perfect but above all, I'm doing it this blog for fun and hopefully, someone might benefit from it. So I guess in a way Japanese would say これからもよろしくお願いします!(From now on please take care of me!)

Anyway, to celebrate the 100th entry, I'm gonna blog about one of my ♥MOST FAVOURITE♥ restaurant chain in this world - Ippudo in NYC. When I knew I was going to NY, I marked straightway that I would visit Ippudo there since it was the first Ippudo shop outside Japan and I just wanna know if the taste would be the same as in Japan or Singapore.

Me and M decided to hit Ippudo on Saturday afternoon after I had a meeting around wall street. We were joined by M's cousin and friend and when we got there, the queue was still happening - and that was already 2pm!

We decided to hang out at the bar, had umeshu/sake for drinks and just waited for our table. I think we waited for about 15 minutes before we were seated.

The menu at Ippudo NYC is pretty similar to Singapore ones. They have fancy appetizers, noodles and desserts.

Kani cream croquette
Avocado and Tofu Tartar

We ordered Kani Cream Croquette and Avocado and Tofu Tartar to try. The Kani Cream Croquette was delish - I love the sauce. It was like cocktail sauce - really compliment the croquettes! While the Avocado & Tofu Tartar was pretty much skeptical for me. They have sesame dressing and this sweet sauce thing to pour over. It was interesting but too strange. Not bad but not good either.

On to my ramen choice, of course, it could only be Akamaru with tamago. The first sip, I felt like it wasn't as strong as what I have had in Japan. But still it was as good as you can get outside Japan. Tonkotsu ramen is my fave and I think Ippudo really makes the best of it.

Mille Crêpes
Matcha Brulee

Since Ippudo NYC is like a fancy restaurant, we decided to finish the meal with fancy desserts! The Mille Crêpes was from Lady M so that can guarantee the taste of it. The Matcha Brulee was so amazing. I must admit, I was never a fan of brulee since it was like this strange combination of sweet pudding and a piece of sugar glass thing but this Matcha Brulee totally changed my opinion. It was so good, sweet yet rich with matcha taste. On top of it, you get a scope of Matcha ice cream with it - FANTASTIC!

Definitely, Ippudo wins me over and over again. If you look for ramen in New York, I would say just go to Ippudo - worth the queue!

Ippudo NY 
65 Fourth Avenue (Between 9th and 10th Street)
New York, NY 10003


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  1. I went to an Ippudo in Kyoto- it must've been an express version cos the menu was limited and didn't have the appetizers you has here. The gyoza we had was really good though :)

    1. actually, that's the normal menu of Ippudo in Japan. The international chain is too fancy! hehe

  2. Ippudo!!!! I want some tonkotsu ramen now!! I've been craving for ramen for ages since I left Japan! I think I need to go SG to get my ramen fix! :o

    1. you should come to BKK, i just found this Ramen Kio, a ramen shop from Osaka here and it was so yummy!

  3. Oh. I forgot! Congratulations on 100th post!!