Sunday, 20 May 2012

New York: Schnitzel & Things

Before I went to NYC, I have heard so much about amazing food trucks in New York. I wanted to try them but problem with food truck is that they usually park their trucks somewhere and not at the same place all the time. You just have to check their schedule and such which is kinda troublesome for me. Thankfully for Schnitzel & Things, they have static branch in Manhattan Midtown area which is just a few blocks from where I stayed.

Schnitzel & Things is famous for, of course, Schnitzel! They have veal and chicken schnitzels for you to choose from and have so many side dishes to choose from.  I have seen them featured on TV programme some time ago and found out that they were featured on Time and NY Times as well. That's kind something for food truck food, isn't it?!

I went for the platter so I chose chicken Schnitzel with roast beet salad and Austrian potato as my side. I can also chose one condiment to go with it. I was very reluctant so their kind staff offered me 2 kinds of condiments to go with (Spicy Mayo and Pesto Mayo). The Schnitzel is very crispy yet tender. The roast beet salad was really good. I love it so much! The potato was a bit acidic for me. I guess it could be that both beet salad and potato were seasoned with vinaigrette so that was a bit too much. Anyhow, this is pleasant food for me. If you happen to be in Midtown or bump into Schnitzel & Things truck, please stop by and get their food. You wouldn't be disappointed!

Schnitzel & Things
723 3rd Avenue
New York

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