Saturday, 16 June 2012

New York: Soba Totto

I remembered that day we had meetings from 8am til 8pm. Me and A, my Norwegian colleague, knew we would had a long day so we need a place to dine and probably drink around our hotel. Japanese food seems to be the safest choice since A is vegetarian and only eat seafood. Long story shorts, I found Soba Totto on yelp. So after the long day we went for the food.

It was already 8pm but only counter seats were available. That's a good sign for decent food. We weren't mind so we sat down by the bar which had this lovely female bartender making drinks for us.

I ordered Lychee Martini which was absolutely heaven. New Yorkers are not timid with their alcohol at all, I must say. The drink was perfectly sweet, yet very strong. Just one glass already made me tipsy. Anyhow, our lovely bartender made the order by mistake so she ended up making two glasses instead of one so in the end, she let us have another glass of Lychee Martini for free so me and A just shared the second glass and we did end up having a very good night sleep!

Food-wise, like the name of the restaurant, their specialty is soba. I ordered duck soba, which seems to be my "standard" soba dish that I have to order whenever I go to soba shop. Comparing this with what I have had at Mukoujima sumida and Gonpachi, this one has the lightest broth and their duck didn't smell much at all which I would say it is really pleasant. You wouldn't really expecting that quality and authentic taste outside Japan but they really can do it.

Soba Totto is also part of the owner who owns Totto Ramen and Yakitori Totto (I will blog later about) , which I have visited during my time in New York. If you like Japanese food and are in New York, I would recommend to visit any Totto restaurant because they all are wonderful!

Soba Totto
211E 43rd St New York, NY 10017

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