Thursday, 10 May 2012

New York: Magnolia Bakery

If you are a tourist, travelling in New York, I'm quite positive that someone would definitely tell you to visit "Magnolia Bakery" for their cupcakes and banana pudding. I think Magnolia was also on the list that Tee gave me but I was kinda ignore it since I told you I'm into cupcake much.

Anyhow, it's like a fate - I did make a stop at Magnolia two times during this trip! First was when I had dinner at Grand Central Station and I was thinking I should get some food as my breakfast. Then I turned around and found Magnolia there! Since it was already 6pm, all the good stuff have been sold out. I decided to try their mini cheesecake since it looked too good to be true. 

So I had Key Lime Cheesecake as my breakfast the next day. Oh boy, it was actually good! I was thinking it may not be that awesome since I had tweets conversation with J whom I would meet later in NY and she told me cheesecake isn't Magnolia's specialties. Anyway, the taste was very lovely; not too sweet and with a taste of lime. I think the "cheese" bit of this cheesecake is the non-bake one. Truth to be told, I didn't finish this but I had all the biscuit bit at the bottom. It was yummy!

The day later, I met up with J and after dinner, we strolled down from upper West side to Rockefeller Center to get dessert from Magnolia Bakery there. Unfortunately, it was already 8pm and all the stuffs J want have been sold out - apart from banana pudding. So she got us a small tub of banana pudding and we headed off to find places to sit down and eat that.

Honest speaking, again, I'm not a fan of pudding. But if you asked me how was it, I would say it was good. When you think of dessert & banana, you tend to think about the overpower of taste and smell of banana in that. Clearly, Magnolia's banana pudding is far away from it. There are slices of bananas in the tube along with some sponge cake (if I wasn't wrong) but there weren't too much. It was quite pleasant.

Magnolia Bakery is kinda like tourist spot but I wouldn't say you should ignore it. It is definitely worth a visit for all sweet tooth people.

Magnolia Bakery
1240 6th Avenue,
New York, NY 10020

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