Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bangkok: Din Tai Fung (ติง ไท่ ฟง)

I have been incredibly slow for this post since Tee has ordered published her version quite some time ago. My excuses are that I'm sick with cold since last week as the weather in Bangkok had cooled down a bit (but now hot again anyway - hence I'm still sick with the change of weather) and also that I'm lazy, I admit. Anyhow, I gotta tell you, having sore throat and blocked nose are not fun at all when it comes to food tasting.

Well, back to our entry. Me and Tee met up some time ago for our dine out date. I suggested Din Tai Fung as I was curious about their food and taste if it would be any difference from what I have tried in Singapore or KL.

While we were about to order stuff, their staff came to suggest this cold starter. I think it was spicy seaweed salad. We decided to give it a go. It was quite good actually but we bet nobody would order that if the staff wasn't around to recommend to clients.

I suggested we should order this spicy cucumber as my friend who used to study in Taipei said Din Tai Fung's spicy cucumber here is better than the one in Taiwan. It was cool and spicy, refreshing if you ask me. Though it seems to be too spicy for Tee so I guess it's not for those who aren't into spicy stuff.

We ordered the must of Din Tai Fung, xiao long bao. Truth to be told. The piece was so small and not as juicy as what I had in Crystal Jade. Same taste as in KL but the difference is the price. In KL for 6 pieces of xiao long bao are 9 ringgit or about Baht90 but in Bangkok, they are about Baht120 or 130 if I remember correctly. That's quite expensive.

Tee said a lot of people raved about their pork chop so we ordered that and it was really good. I really like it but come to think about the price to pay (Baht200something I think) - that's pricey.

Lastly, we ordered breasted beef noodle coz I really like this menu from KL's Din Tai Fung. It was about the same however the meat in KL was more tender.

If anyone ask, I would have to be honest and say I actually like Crystal Jade more since the menu is more variety and the taste of xiao long bao is more juicy. If I'm going to pay this much for food, I would have gone for something that suits my taste bud. I guess Din Tai Fung is not for me. Service was good anyhow, staff was very attentive.

Din Tai Fung (ติง ไท่ ฟง)
6th floor,
Central World


  1. The snack we had afterwards was great too! As for Suanphung, I didn't like it that much. It was nice and all about taking pictures, but other than that, there wasn't anything else to do.

  2. Too bad it wasn't that great. The dumplings look adorable.
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season :)