Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tokyo: Qu'il fait bon

On first day of my trip, after meeting L-san, I planned to walk around Daikanyama. I think it's quite up-scaled shopping area right in the middle of residence area. There were so many little shops so if you are into small shops and not overcrowded like in Shibuya or Harajuku. This could be the place for you. I was planning to check out Paul Smith but it closed that day so I just kept strolling around under Tokyo's sun, which was very hot if you ask me, until I got to my destination before going back to hotel - Qu'il fait bon.

Qu'il fait bon is famous tart and cake shop which have many branches in Japan. Their specialitie is of course the tart, all kind of it. They decorated the shop like those suburb cute French pastry shop which is very charming for me. Some branches have cafe and sitting are to eat at their shops, like in Daikanyama and Ginza, while the rest only have take-home stuff.

I placed my order for take home coz I didn't feel like having any. They asked how long would it take me to get to my destination and gave me the ice pouch to keep my tart at cooling temperature.

I love their package, it's so cute that their box is actually looking like parcel box so you can actually buy this for friend and give to them and they feel it is cute and special. Every little detail is always being considered in this country, you gotta love Japan for this!

I ordered Berry Fruit Tart (赤いフルーツのタルト) and cream cheese tart (ブルターニュ産 “ル ガール”クリームチーズのタルト).

Cream cheese tart was the real winner here. Though it was rich in taste but it wasn't too heavy while eating at all. I can taste the cream cheese in it and it wasn't overpower by anything. I really love this one.

The berry one was pretty medicore. It was okay but not that special. I think the strawberry one I had last Autumn was much better than this one.

This place is definitely worth a visit if you love tart. I would highly recommended to anyone who visit Tokyo to try.

Qu'il fait bon Daikanyama(キル フェ ボン 代官山)

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  1. The packaging is really cute and so me! The tarts look great as well! I can't wait to hear all about Japan when we meet up sometime next month :)