Friday, 26 August 2011

Tokyo: Gyu-tan Rikyu (牛たん炭焼 利久)

I came across this place on website when I was browsing of shopping malls in Ikebukuro area. At Esola, which is located next to JR Ikebukuro on the east side has many restaurants on their dinning floors. One shop caught my eyes right away, it was gyu-tan or cow tongue place. I read and found that their main branch is located in Sendai which is famous for gyu-tan so I planned to give this place a go.

The shop opened at 11 am sharp. I was a little bit earlier so had to browse around since they wouldn't let anyone enter the floors where restaurants locate until 11 am. I saw few people were waiting already so I was glad that it wasn't only me who was early. Once the clock ticked 11 am, we all were allowed up to restaurant floors. I was wondering where were all the people dine at. Turned out, they all were at Rikyu! This was definitely a great sign that I made the right decision to eat there.

their set menu

their general menu

I was welcomed inside and after a quick browse of what to order, I decided to go for Gyu-tan don set (牛たん丼定食) which is grilled cow tongue on top of rice.

sauces and chopsticks

I waited for 10 minutes and then my food came. In a set, there were a bowl of gyu-tan don, soft boiled egg (so you can eat with the grilled gyu-tan), pickled and oxtail soup. As oolong tea, I ordered that seperately. They served Japanese tea for free anyway so there is no need to order drink unless you want when eating in Japan.

The gyu-tan was sliced into a think layer and grilled just perfectly. The sauce was really nice as well and since there was slice cabbage under the meat on top of the rice, that prevent the rice from getting soggy so I love it! I mixed egg with the meat and it went well together.

The oxtail soup looked so bland but never ever let that fool you coz it tasted so wonderful!!!!!!!!! To be honest, I actually wasn't gonna order the set coz I think the soup would be tasteless but I would so regret it if I didn't get to taste this wonderful soup.

In summary, I was super happy to find this place and eat this meal. It was probably the best meal of this trip!

Gyu-tan Rikyu (牛たん炭焼 利久)
7th floor, Esola, Ikebukuro
東京都豊島区西池袋1-12-1 ESOLA池袋7F
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