Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Omiya: Sanwa Tonkatsu (とんかつグリル 三和)

I'm finally back from 5 days holiday in Tokyo. To be honest, I wasn't really ready to go home. I felt like I haven't eaten all the things I planned for yet. I know there will be next time for me but what am I suppose to do with all the craving!?

First meal of this trip happened in Omiya in Saitama Prefecture which is about 30 minutes train-ride from Tokyo. I was meeting up with my good friend, L-san and her daughter, A-chan, who kindly took me to a nice lunch in this really small Tonkatsu shop called Sanwa (とんかつグリル 三和). The shop was located on the underground floor or B1F and when I said it is small, it is REALLY small. They have 2 four seats tables and 6 seats on counter. We got there around 1.30pm and there were people who still waiting for table. I assumed this place must be good then.

Lunch Menu


Their lunch menu was very friendly to your wallet. A set of deep fried pork of your choice with rice, pickled and soup only cost around 750 yen. They only deep fried the pork when you order and there was only one chef which I assumed is the owner who was doing it. The wife would take your order, serve your food and take care of your bill. This is definitely family's restaurant.

I ordered Lunch set C which is 2 cream croquettes and a piece of hire katsu. Hire katsu is basically deep fried pork tenderloin which is very tender like its name. Cream croquettes were very creamy but not too soggy. Both pork and croquette were perfectly fried; crispy outside and soft inside. I'm telling you, a great way to welcome me to Japan!

Tonkatsu Grill Sanwa (とんかつグリル)

〒330-0854 埼玉県さいたま市

(Japanese address in case you want to print out to ask people for the location)
Tabelog: http://r.tabelog.com/saitama/A1101/A110101/11003739/

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