Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bangkok: Au Bon Pain

I feel like I have been quiet for so long. Partly because I have not eaten anything good lately. I became boring person and just eating same old stuffs. So in order to break that lazy and boring chain, I decided that I would eat something and be productive today.

Woke up early this morning and hit the town with MRT underground as I have to collect my passport and Japan visa. I thought Saturday would be calm day, however the MRT and Silom area are still quiet busy. Weather was too hot so I made a stop at Au Bon Pain for bagel before doing my errands.

I placed my order for Salmon Wasabi Bagel. I don't know if that sells in other countries or not but definitely a big hit here. They put so much dills in it which reminded me of my time in Russia which everything we ate had tons of dills in it. The look might scared you away with that much dills but taste-wise, it was perfectly done. If you love wasabi then this would surely satisfy you. It wasn't that strong in every bite but once in a while, it would hit you. Let say my blocked nose was fine afterwards. It might be pricey for a meal (135Baht per piece) but at least it's not junk food and it's freshly made so another choice if you crave sandwich or burgers.

Au Bon Pain
Silom Road, Bangkok
(Chain store)


  1. I almost ate at Au Bon Pain today too cos I was craving a sandwich but ended up having Italian instead. Can you stuff me in your luggage to Japan?

    Btw, thanks so much for the SG restaurant links!

  2. Here in U.S., salmon or lox, is pretty common in bagels...maybe with cream cheese and/or dill...but wasabi is not. I like that this bagel adds that bit of Asian flair, sounds delicious.