Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bangkok: Jangwon at Korean Town

As MK visited Bangkok last week, we arranged a bloggers' lunch date between me, MK and Tee. However, due to ouor conflicted schedule, we couldn't really meet up at the same time so I went up to meet MK on my own two weeks ago at Korean town since she wanted to explore Korean town in Bangkok. After looking at menus and browsing around, we ended up eating at "Jangwon".

A nice Korean meal won't be complete if there is no side dish! I love side dishes at Korean restaurants here coz choices are vary, it's refillable and it's free *YAY* We decided to not go for the BBQ stuff coz we have a long way to go and we did not want to smell like BBQ all day.

From the look of what we ordered, I'm sure we must have overdone it as this is too much for 2 persons but we need food so - haha.

Bibimbab came with stone bowl, actually you can choose whether you want ordinary bowl or stone bowl. We can add the sauce as much as we like. It was nice since it fits our taste.

Jab chae or stir fry glass noodle was very garlicky and I like it. MK said it wasn't that authentic especially with what they put in, making me want to try it when I go to Korea.

Kimchi Shige was so so. I must admit that I like the one at Doorae more. Maybe it's the taste of kimchi that is my problem.

Pajeon was okay. I like the leeks in it (which usually I hate as it gives me the onion taste - HORROR). Too bad that we were quite stuffed so I didn't really appreciating this dish much.

I think I have to admit that I'm actually preferred "Doorae" more. It's not bad for Jangwon but I like Doorae's food more. It was a nice meal anyway as I have a good company as MK :)

Sukhumvit Plaza, Sukhumvit 12
BTS: Asok


  1. I missed out! We ended up going to Yum Sap cos MK wanted to try somtum and something budget-friendly.

  2. He he.. I think we ordered too much but I love all the dishes :) I didn't know you dislike leek :o Sorry :o

    btw. Is "Doorae" the restaurant beside Jangwon which you mentioned you went before!?

    ahh...I miss Bangkok...

  3. Oo, it doesn't sound bad. I like leeks too, better than onions...they're milder and sweeter I think.