Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bloggers Lunch Date

Last Saturday, me and Tee were having lunch date after months of trying to arrange the meeting. We met up at Siam Square, the shopping and teenage hang-out area of Bangkok. It was first time in 3 years for me to go there, so talking about me feeling lost there among super young pre-teens and teenagers!

After we found each other, we explored "Digital Gateway" as Tee heard there are good places for eating. We decided to have lunch at Tenshou Yakitori. As name suggested, we ordered some yakitori, some deep fried and other food to share.

In the front, it's grilled chicken with cheese. The back is bacon with golden mushroom.

The deep fried curry pork was quite okay. Medicore, if you ask. Not bad but nothing special

Now this one is interesting, it was deep fried chocolate pork. Chocolate sauce was inside the deep fried pork. You can only taste the sweetness and chocolate throughout the chewing. No taste of pork. It's interesting but I'm not a fan really!

This is one is grilled chicken with cheese sushi (I think). If you like cheese, you should go for it really.

The french fries came with 3 dipping sauces, ketchup and some mayo based sauces which I wasn't able to identify. It was okay, I like the sauces anyway. We also shared curry rice with Hamburg. Hamburg is basically hamburger patty. It was okay.

So Tenshou Yakitori is okay place to eat, quite cheap anyway coz me and Tee only paid 600 baht for the meal (300baht each). We then moved along to some sweet. Crossing the road to Paragon for Marvelous Cream. It is like cold stone which you can mix your own ice cream with toppings. We decided to have berries with yogurt. It was sweet in the first bite but after that it was pleasant. Not too strong taste of yogurt which I like.

At the end of the day, it was such a pleasant day. Not just because of food, definitely coz of the company too!

Tenshou Yakitori

4th floor, Digital Gateway
BTS: Siam

Marvelous Cream
Ground floor, Siam Paragon (next to Crystal Jade)
BTS: Siam

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  1. Ah!! I wish I could join too! 300bath each for that much of food is really cheap!