Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bangkok: On the table Tokyo Café

My friend has been pestering me for a while that she wanted to try "On the table Tokyo Café" restaurant which opened not long ago on 6th floor of Central World. So yesterday, we went out and decided to try the food there. I must tell you I am skeptical with the word "Tokyo Café" coz it can be good or just totally suck.

The restaurant gives out a cozy atmosphere with waitress dressing pretty much homely, if you asked me. I ordered honey lemon drinks while the girls had just water which came with cute PET bottles.

We ordered Potato cheese croquette which came with yummy dipping sauce. It was almost like thousand island sauce but not that strong. Very yummy indeed. Then we had Kara-age salad which was simple with clean taste.

They have two types of Okonomiya; Nara and Sapporo ones. I can't remember what is Nara Okonomiyaki but Sapporo ones is associated with cheese so we ordered that. It was medicore. Not that worth it. Same with salmon capaccio. It was so-so - nothing to remember about.

Their cheese curry rice gratin was one of the most talking about dish and it didn't fail at all. If you love cheese and Japanese curry - this dish is a must. Although my complain would be that the curry sauce was not enough for that amount of rice and cheese. Need more sauce!

Their pasta dishes are also amazing. I can't remember the name of the top one but it must be some bacon with olive oil and dried chillies. It was light with a hint of spiciness which was perfect. On the other hand, their cabonara sauce was very thick and quite messy when we tried to eat it as it splashed everywhen and on my white top as well. As it was thick, I was glad that we shared the food coz it would be too much to have this own my own.

I was already full but some girls wanted to try there dessert so they ordered this waffle with banana and chocolate with green tea ice cream. I only had one bite and it was nice. Other girls love it so I guess it was quite good.

Maybe coz I didn't have any expectation so the food turned out to be good. I should try other dishes next time.

On the table Tokyo Café
6th floor, Central World
Tel 02 613 1558-9
BTS: Siam

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  1. The curry looks good. I haven't had okonomiya in a very long I want some!