Thursday, 26 May 2011

Geneva: UN Cafeteria

As part of my work mission in Geneva, I was able to sit through the whole review of UPR which conducted by Human Rights Commission of UN for two days. I spent the first day just lounging in their cafe area. On second day, we supposed to meet someone from UK delegation team on Human Rights at Geneva so we decided to have lunch at UN Cafeteria.

UN Cafeteria is pretty much like school cafeteria, I assume, with more types of food available; hot, cold, savoury, sweet. You name it, they have it. They would show what food they have today on big TV screen and would tell you what already finished. (I took the pictures after finishing my lunch, hence the place looked deserted and food already ran out).

the view outside the cafeteria (taken from floor above)

The sitting area was absolutely spacious. You can sit inside or outdoor on good sunny day. The view was amazing. When you look outside, you can see part of the lake.

Rosti and pork sauce


My choice of food was the express one. I believe it was Swiss's Rosti (fried shredded potatoes) top with pork sauce and cheese. I also went for some cold salad which you can choose whatever you want yourself and you will pay by gram. I was sitting opposite S who went for dessert as well. Their food look great and also taste good. Not magnificently, but definitely better than what they serve at UN Thailand office for sure.

To me, the food was decent but highlight was the experience at the UN Geneva itself. It's amazing to think I would have the chance to be there. And in case you think this entry is such a waste coz I'm not gonna be in UN Geneva for work, UN Cafeteria actually opens for those who take tour around UN Geneva as well. So you can sit along side with people working in UN. Who knows, you could actually sit next to US ambassador to UN Geneva! Definitely worth while experience!

Cafeteria at UN Geneva Palais des Nations Geneva

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And I'm sharing some pretty pix from Geneva~

Famous three legged chair in from of Palais des Nations

The meeting room on Human Rights

The roof was really over the top


  1. Being at the UN office must have been a great experience! I'll be asking you about it when we meet up.

  2. What an incredible experience!
    And you are right - that roof is amazing.