Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bangkok: Wine I Love You Bar&Bistro

A lot of wine bars have opened in Bangkok these days. I guess wine is the "IT" thing for Thai people now. I wanted to try wine bars so asked D1 if we should hold a monthly meeting at Wine bar. D1 suggested Crystal Design Center as our meeting point. This place is actually outlet selling home decoration and stuffs but somehow they have tons of restaurants too. We walked pass this "Wine I Love You" restaurant and it looked so nice so we decided to eat there.

The place was decorated in Western cafe/pub/bar style. You would be greeted by hundreds of wine bottles on the shelves when you walked inside.

I started off with Stella Artois since it's the only beer I can drink. After all, beer is good on the hot day! We ordered baked potato skin to eat as starter and it was so yummy! It was potato skin stuffing with bacon, topping with cheese. It was very enjoyable - I love!

Caesar Salad

Avocado Salad

D1 ordered Quesadilla and it was as good as Mexican restaurant's made! So cheesy and yummy. Caesar salad was okay, just like generally good caesar salad. But my fave one is Avocado salad. I' now realised that I'm a big fan of avocado! Posting this entry makes me craving the avocado salad now!

Chocolate Martini

Onion rings

My next drink was Chocolate Martini - so strong but it looks so pretty! We ordered Onions rings to snack and it was very crispy. The dipping sauce was absolutely delicious as it wasn't just a regular mayo but also with a hint of BBQ sauce. It was everyone's favourite so we ordered it for another round.

I ended the afternoon with "Sex on the beach" which was absolutely yummy. I know this is kinda wrong as we come to wine bar but we only have cocktails and stuffs, but this place turned out to have amazing mixologist coz all the cocktails were absolutely delicious. I would definitely go back and have that some more!

Wine I Love You Bar&Bistro
Crystal Design Center

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