Monday, 23 May 2011

Geneva: Wasabi Sushi Bento Bar

This might sound ridiculous but first meal in Geneva for me was...Japanese. I know I can't believe that myself but I blamed it on the exhaustion from long flight and my energy power was hitting the bottom when I ran into "Wasabi Sushi Bento Bar". I was actually trying to look for the restaurant which specialised in grilled chicken but couldn't find it. So I was like "Screw it, I need something now". Hence I started sushi shopping there.

The thing about this place is you just pick out whatever you like and pay then eat. They have all sorts of sushi, rice dishes and salads provided, whether in set or individual. I chose salmon role thing with avocado as stuffing and tofu salad coz I was really craving some vegetable at that point.

The salmon was smoked one which is expected in Europe. I guess people still don't like the idea of raw fish huh? Anyhow, I love the avocado stuffing. I know, plain but I guess it is comfort food for me somehow.

The salad was the real winner. Cold tofu, avocado and sesame dressing can never fail you. REALLY. I just realised as I'm typing that I may actually have avocado as one of my favourite food - hah! So the tasty sesame dressing and cold tofu are such a great combination. I felt so loved after it.

I guess this place is quite authentic and cheap (well, for Swiss people) since I met couples of Japanese people eating there. Just in case you got tired of cheese, this can be another way out. But if you ask me, Japanese food in Thailand is better - hehe.

Wasabi - Sushi Bento Bar

Boulevard Helvétique 32
1207 Geneve
Open: Monday - Saturday; 10.00 to 22.00 hrs

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