Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ayutthaya: Tonnam River view (ต้นน้ำริเวอร์วิว)

My mum's favourite food, beside Peking duck, is grilled river prawn. She loves those prawn paste (I don't know what's it call in English but it's those oozy liquid found in the head of prawn. In Thai, we called "มันกุ้ง - Mun Kung"). So we always look out to find new place that is famous for grilled river prawn. Tonnam Riverview has appeared on my facebook very often these days, so it proved to be everyone's favourite. The weekend before long holiday, we decided to visit the place.

It was only 40 minutes drive from my house via express way (Map will be found at the end of the entry). We got there around 11.30am and it was already packed! If we were 10 minutes late, we wouldn't have our table!

We ordered ทอดมันห่อไข่เค็ม - Tod Mun Hor Kai Kem (Thai style Fish cake with salty egg inside) as an order. It was interesting and nice for starter.

เชิงปลากรายทอด - Cherng Pra Krai Tod (Deep fried grey fish) was too crispy that it was too hard. Mum didn't like it much - kinda disappointing.

ยำวุ้นเส้น - Yum Woonsen (Spicy glass noodle salad) was also medicore.

The highlight of the day was the grill river prawn. We ordered 3 prawns for a kilo and the size was absolutely massive! Mun Kung was very creamy. You gotta mix that with rice and put on spicy seafood sauce - HEAVEN!

Overall, it was good esp. with the grilled prawn but maybe I should order other recommended dishes to save me from disappointment! A kilo of prawn in 1,000Baht but the rest of the food isn't expensive at all. Definitely a good choice, highly recommended to make reservation if you wanna come.

ต้นน้ำริเวอร์วิว (Tonnam River view)
Bangpa-in, Ayutthaya
Tel. (035) 261006 , (035)262398

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  1. You know, there probably isnt a word for that prawn paste in English. The heads are just tossed away in Western cuisine...
    Looks like you guys had a great meal!