Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bangkok: Le Danang

Me and friends were craving some veggie meal so last week, S pitched in the idea to eat at Vietnamese restaurant in Sofitel Central Lad prao. I know, that sounds like high-end expensive meal but it wasn't that bad. We decided to go for all you can eat meal which is about Baht580 including tax and service charge (not inc. drinks though).

The menu is quite extensive, pretty much like a la carte one except in smaller portion. After serving food, they served us bowls of fresh vegetables and sauces. I ordered long island ice tea for a drink, I know I'm such an addicted for cocktail!

fresh spring roll

roast pork with lemongrass and noodle

The fresh crab stick spring roll was a good start, light and fresh. Roast pork with lemongrass and noodle came next and it was one of the winning dishes of the night. The pork was tender withe nice fragrance. Very enjoyable.

avocado and mango salad with crab meat

spicy soft shell salad

rocket salad with shrimp

Next up were the salads; avocado mango salad with crab meat, soft shell crab with spicy salad and rocket salad with shrimp. I must tell you they all were good. The salad dressings for each dish were more than just perfect. I love the avocado and mango salad so much, the sweetness from ripped mango really brought out the best of taste. Really satisfied with their salads.

roast duck with tamarind sauce

deep fried sea bass

We ordered roast duck breast with tamarind sauce and deep fried sea bass to try. The tamarind sauce might be too sour for my liking but I guess it did kill the duck taste some people might not like. The sea bass was okay, I guess nothing special after I had those amazing salads.

I can't remember what desserts we ordered. Probably all of the choices they have on their menus. My favourite was the crepe with ginger ice cream which is more like vanilla and cinnamon ice cream. My friends approved all of the dessert dishes.

I'm sure I will return for a meal there again as there are so many dishes I haven't tried and things I want to repeat (the salads!). Highly recommended if you look for nice Vietnamese food (and if you have a little more in budget).

Le Danang
Sofitel Central Lad Prao
Tel. 02-5411234
Opening hours: 11.30-14.30/ 18.00-22.30
MRT station: Paholyothin


  1. I love Vietnamese food and everything you ordered are things I'd order. Long Island ice tea is my favorite cocktail!

  2. Love love love Vietnamese food. The only restaurant we've tried was Saigon Cuisine and it was so blaze!! Will have Le Danang on my list, thanks.

  3. oh yum- I'm hungry- I love vietnamese and coincidentally I just noticed a sign that there is one opening soon just down the street from us- I hope it is as good as your food looks.

  4. Everything sounds SO good! Especially those desserts. And I dont eat duck, but that duck looks very enticing...