Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bangkok: La Monita Taqueria

Last week, I had a dinner date with another Bangkokian foodie blogger, Tee from Passports and Postcards. We tried to arrange a dinner at new eating place so we pitched in the idea and agreed to try 'La Monita Taqueria', the Mexican restaurant which has been talked about lately.

We met around 6.45pm and it was very busy already. This could be a great proof how great their food and drinks were! We decided to ordered Steak Quesadillas and Grilled Chicken Nachos Supreme. I was a bit hesitated at first about the portion so I was thinking if we should order another dish to share. Turned out their portion was really filling.

steak quesadillas

salsa, red and green hot sauces

Their quesadilla was cheesy though not too soggy. I ate them with the salsa and hot sauces they provided. The hot sauces weren't too spicy (for me anyway) when you first tried it. But the more you had, the heat would increase esp. in tummy area.

Their nachos was delighted, unlike at Coyote, they didn't add too much refined beans. Not that I hate beans but beans in Coyote's nachos dish is probably like 2/3 of the whole dish! That's too much. Anyway, I like La Monita's Nachos!

I was talking to D2 who had dinner at La Monita the night before and she recommended me to try their raspberry mojito. We went for small size and boy, they are so generous with alcohol 'coz I got tipsy not long after drinking that.

I really had a great time that night with good food and great company. Definitely I will revisit since I have an eye on their caipiranha already!

La Monita Taqueria & Restaurant
Mahatun Plaza, Pleonchit Road,
Tel: 02 650 9581
BTS: Pleonchit

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