Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bangkok: Rabieng Ta-le (ระเบียงทะเล)

Last Sunday I organised a small meeting with my old friends. G suggested that we should eat at a restaurant near her home which located on riverside called "Rabieng Ta-le". We arrived at restaurant around 7pm and it was all packed with families. Riverside restaurant never lost its charm, I suppose.

G was going for healthy stuff so she ordered Deep fried sea bass with fish sauce (ปลาทอดราดน้ำปลา). The fish sauce wasn't just salty but also sweet. It made the dish very satisfying.
Som tam with preserved blue crab

Stir fry veggies

Me and A wanted to eat something spicy so we ordered Somtam with preserved blue crab (ส้มตำปูม้า). It was very tasty! It wasn't too spicy and the preserved crab meat was very sweet. Stir-fry veggie (ผัดยอดผักหวาน) was so so.

steamed seafood with curry paste

Seafood Tom Yum

Next was steamed seafood with curry paste in coconut (ห่อหมกทะเลมะพร้่าวอ่อน). This has to be the best. It tasted perfect and mild. It went so well with rice. I would recommend this and definitely order again if I go there. We couldn't end the night without Seafood Tom-yum (ต้มยำทะเล). It was medicore, good for slurping anyway.

The atmosphere was good but too many mosquitoes. Fortunately, the staff were very nice and attentive. They even offered some mosquito repellent. Although, they missed one order but it was forgiven as we can see they were incredible busy. I would definitely come again, maybe with my family for more yummy food!

Rabieng Ta-le (ระเบียงทะเล)
Charunsanitwong 86/1
Tel. (02) 879-0911-2

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