Monday, 3 January 2011

Bangkok: random eats!

I have quite a number of small eats going on while I was posting my Japan eats. These aren't big meal so decide to stick them up together and post them as one big entry instead of mini review one.


The other holiday last month, I opened my fridge and found nothing to eat apart from some salad vegetable and my frozen tamagoyaki from Shurou. So I decided to microwave it and ate with the salad. Texture of the egg was almost as a chiffon cake, it tasted almost like castella (without flour - of course!). I had the egg with some shoyu which helped bringing out the taste of tamagoyaki. I still got some of these left in my freezer so maybe I should do traditional Japanese breakfast with miso soup, seaweed and tamagoyaki someday.


Two weeks ago, I went to Central World to buy dress for one of my best friend's wedding. My tummy was growling quite loud. I was craving thick french fries so decided to stop by at Mos Burger which was just re-opening.

I love Mos burger. I think they are so much better than American franchised burgers like McDonald's (of course) and even better than Burger King. I know, I have been Japanised in so many way but you have to see how thick the beef patty in Mos burger and compare that with McDonald's one. It's undeniable that Mos burger is worth the money more!

my set

clam chowder

Just look at the beef patty - so thick!

I ordered the premium beef burger set (comes with their thick french fries and soft drink) and clam chowder. I love their clam chowder. You can still taste tiny cubes of potatoes and plenty of clams in the soup. It was very pleasant. The burger was nice. They didn't put too much sauce on which in a way is good coz you can really get the taste of beef and its juiciness. However, being Thai, I love my food with tangy flavour. So if you asked, I think it wasn't season enough. Nonetheless, it was close to my favourite tasty beef burger I had in 2009 while I was in Japan so I wasn't complaining!


On new year's day, I went to see N and F as we were the only people in our group that stuck in Bangkok. We played around at N house for a bit before took for Vietnamese food (forgot to take pictures, too hungry!). It was only 7.30pm so we decided to waste our lives away at Nawamin City Avenue. It was sort of like an area with shops and restaurants stuck together. After browsing through Daiso shop (it's Baht60 for everything, comparing that with Japanese Daiso which every piece is 100yen), we decided to have some dessert at Iberry Cafe.

Iberry is famous ice cream shop-comes-famous franchised dessert shop/restaurant. They have variety of ice cream esp. those you cannot find in regular ice cream shops such as Horlick, Lychee, Durian or tamarind. It's everyone's favourite ice cream, even my mum since she can go with Thai fruit sorbet instead of general artificial vanilla or chocolate flavour. However, it wasn't cheap. One scoop is Baht49 which like almost 1 pound. That is expensive considering you can get a bowl of noodle for your lunch for only Baht30!

We ordered waffle with a scoop of green tea and double chocolate. Their waffle was really nice. You can get a taste of saltiness in waffle as well so it went well with ice cream and maple syrup. We also ordered an extra scoop of Spicy mango ice cream to share. This is very Thai taste so would recommend anyone who come here to try. Basically it is a flavour originating from sour mango which we usually dip with salt-chili dipping. It was funny for first trial I'm sure since it would be sour and a bit of spicy. It was very pleasant anyway!


Shouro Tamagoyaki
Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 4-13-13, Tokyo

Mos Burger
3 floor, Central World,
Ratchaprasong road, Bangkok

Iberry Cafe
Nawamin City Avenue,
Kaset-Nawamin Road, Bangkok

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  1. I prefer Mos Burger over other burger joints too! The last time I was there, I had this crispy chicken burger with sweet terayaki-like was heaven!

    I do agree that Pandora's cupcakes are on the sweet side (now I'm sugared out) but I think they're one of the better cupcake places- let me know if you have any recommendations!

    Love the new background :)