Saturday, 25 December 2010

Tokyo: Umai Sushikan at Tsukiji Fish Market

First of all, Happy Christmas to everyone whether you celebrate it or not. I realised that it's almost at the end of the year and I'm still not finishing my posts from Japan yet. I will try my best to finish everything so I can post more yummy entries from somewhere else!

Back to Japan post, to complete my mission in Tokyo, we went to Tsukiji Fish Market for the experience. We went on Saturday morning which is sorta bad move for people who don't like crowded place like me and T. Tourist from everywhere; Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Westerners, all at Tsukiji Market. To be honest, I kinda understand why they start prohibiting tourists inside the market in certain period as it is not the place for tourists to walk around at all. People wanna do fish trading and you can see tourists walk around, taking photos and blocking their ways. I think I may come back for food but not to walk around/inside market.

It was 9 am when we started feeling hungry. We knew Sushidai and Sushu Daiwa will be fully packed as they are most popular sushi shops in Tsukiji. I have googled before we went on trip so we found this sushi shop called "Umai Sushikan". It looked nice from pictures on their website, esp. the menu. When we found the shop, it wasn't exactly empty. It seemed like Saturday's morning is the most busiest time so every shop has long queue. We didn't wait long though until it was our turn for food.

We were seated at counter so got good view of the chef to make our sushi. You basically just told the chef which menu you wanted and he would start making that for you.

I ordered the tokujo nigiri set which came with miso soup. I am no expert on the type of fish but all it matter is that they all were very fresh!

I think it was toro (tuna), I'm not a big fan of toro so to me it was okay. Then it was raw prawn, it was very sweet. Very yummy. Next to that, I have no idea what it is. It must have been soome kinda of fish's eggs but it wasn't soft. Kinda crispy, kinda weird. Then it was anako or fresh water eel.

As for the ikura and uni, they were okay but not as fresh, as nice as the ones I had in Sapporo. It's expected as those two are the specialties from the North.

Overall, it was a good experience but maybe next time I would just order what I wanna eat instead of the set they have. Maybe I should come later, not like in the morning to avoid the crowd as well.

Beside from sushi, I went to buy the famous tamagoyagi or grilled omelette from Shouro. I am highly recommended as their tamagoyaki tastes perfectly sweet, loving it with Shouyu as well. I have put them in my freezer and microwaved it for dinner when I had nothing to eat many nights - it did save my life. Anyhow, please be careful as there are so many tamagoyaki shops around the same area as Shouro so you may mistakenly buy tamagoyaki from other shops instead of Shouro (I got confused as well, but soon realised that it has different menu so when I looked at the name and realised it wasn't Shouro - I almost bought that!).

Umai Sushikan

Tsukiji Fish Market, Block no. 4

Shouro Tamagoyaki
Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 4-13-13

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