Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bangkok: Pizza Pizza by Yanee

I arranged a meeting with my NGO friends on Monday's evening as Mother A wanted to see the D sisters since she didn't see them in a while now. Location for meeting for us is quite difficult since the D sisters and S are working in the city centre, while me and Mother A are working a little outside of the city. Anyway, we came to conclusion to meet for dinner at Pizza Pizza by Yanee, Central Chidlom.

While waiting for D2 and S to come, we saw Ananda Everingham shopping at Topman. Funny thing was I called S who worked in Sathorn and she said she'll be there asap. Funny enough, 15 minutes later, she was there in front of Topman and Ananda just walked pass her out of the shop - talking about dedication!

Anyway, as D2 would only be able to join us at 6.30 pm, we went to restaurant straightway as all started to feel hungry. We ordered Minestrone soup, Zuppa "Aragosta" (Lobster soup), Frankie's salad (Spicy smoked salmon salad) and baked spinach as appetizers.

Frankie's salad

Salad was really pleasant as the dressing has a hint of spiciness. It went well with smoked salmon. Only bad thing was too much of olive oil which made the vegetable gone soggy after 15 minutes. Baked spinach was also great - very cheesy and creamy. I was so guilty after eating this - hello, Calories!

Zuppa "Aragosta"

Talking about soup, Minestrone was brilliant. I love love their minestrone. Actually it's something that shouldn't go wrong. Any Italian restaurant with bad minestrone is like a really bad restaurant in my opinion. As for lobster soup, it was a bit on salty side. It wasn't bad but what I had at Tuba and Minibar Royale were so much better than this.

Angel hair with Pancetta

Angel hair with black peppered crab meat

When D2 arrived, we started ordering big set of food! Two pasta were chosen; Angel hair with Pancetta (bacon with olive oil, garlic and chilli flake) and Angel hair with black peppered crab meat. Pancetta one was amazingly good with Angel hair. It was even better than the one at Greyhound. The crab meat one tasted a bit more like Chinese food instead of Italian. We reckoned it was because of Angel hair since it was so much resembling Mee Suah. We didn't get the heat from pepper as much as we wanted from the crab meat one. I guess that's the level they will do since we are talking about Italian food here.

Lasagna was a bit of let-down. It was too dry and I sorta expected it be boiling hot so we can get to eat stretchy cheesy, like in baked spinach.

smoked salmon pizza

Sam's special

We ordered large with pizza with two toppings; Sam's special (with shrimp, ham and mushroom) and smoked salmon. I like original thin pizza so this is a big win. I noticed that at the restaurant, they have this Italian style stove as well so this should guarantee their pizza!

D2 ordered crab meat salad for some green leaves (I know, overloaded with crab meat). I like their dressing a lot. Crab meat is fresh as well. It was a good dish.

It was a pleasant meal for us, eating and talking about our lives. I really enjoyed my time with these girls. I reckoned we should do dinner date on weekday more often!

Pizza Pizza by Yanee
Central Chit Lom
Ground Floor
Tel: 02-655-7928-3
BTS: Chid lom

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