Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nakhon Pathom: Pan-kun

[Thank you all for well wishes in last post. I think I recover from cold but still have blocked nose. My friend who is a doctor thinks now it's a condition of allergy. She said probably the weather which made my nose gone insane. -*- ]

Me and friends decided to get together for lunch at Pan-kun, a fusion Japanese restaurant, closer to N's house today. Situated in front of Mahidol University Salaya campus, I'm sure they are aiming at uni students as target group. I like Pan-kun for the fact that it's a cheap place to eat but not cheap in terms of quality. I like Pan-kun for the fact that it's a cheap place to eat but not cheap in terms of quality.

Moreover, they have those American style Maki/rolls as well. The choices are various as you can see they have like 2 pages of menu dedicated to rolls!

4 types of rolls as starter

I can't remember exactly what we were ordering so I'm just going to talk about what I can remember here. First one is Hot JB roll - fried salmon with cream cheese inside maki. Well, very fatty in terms of taste. I couldn't eat that a lot as it was too much for me but it was very pleasant anyway.

This one is super awesome - it's Dynamite roll. I can't remember what inside the roll but it tops with kani and mayonnaise sauce. I love this one. Good taste, pleasant eat and filling as well!

These two must be spicy tuna roll and something with unagi (grilled eel) on top which I forgot the name. Although they said it's spicy tuna, it wasn't THAT spicy so anyone can have that (It's medicore anyway). As for the other one, I like unagi so very happy to eat it!

We always order Cheese Croquet everytime we eat here. You can see the reason up there why we all hooked up with cheese! The cheesy cheese croquet is nice to eat as appetizer. It's like eating cheese with little mashed potato cover it.

If you notice, I am crazy over tofu. I can eat tofu all day, all year in any shape or form. So always order Agedashi tofu whenever I go. I think the taste isn't that authentic for this one. A bit stronger than ordinary Agedashi tofu we found in Japanese restaurant. In a way, I guess it tastes good for Thai people who like strong taste in their food.

Sashimi Crispy Salad - before tossing

After tossing

Sashimi crispy salad is always everyone's favourite. Crispy vegetable and crispy wanton did go well together. I think it's okay but I would skip the crispy wanton thing and dig for only vegetable and sashimi instead.

This sashimi set is Baht200 - can you believe this?!?!?!? And look at the size of those raw tuna and salmon! So thick! I should also add that their fishes are incredibly fresh. Very satisfied for me.

It's a good place to eat and price is affordable, generally not more than Baht100. Down side is that it's too far off from where I live and the city. If anyone living around the area or popping to see people in the neighbourhood, I would recommended!

in front of Mahidol University Salaya Campus
Puthamonthon Sai 4 road,
Salaya, Nakhon Pathom
02-889 3982

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  1. OMG! All of this looks really amazing and I would've ordered the same things had I been there. Yay for joining forces! I don't drive though so I'm bound to the BTS/MRT route for meals. I'm up for anything, so if you have any restaurants in mind, do share!