Friday, 21 January 2011

my thought on Krispy Kreme Thailand

Couples of months ago, Thai people were so excited about having our own Krispy Kreme donuts. Before the arrival of KK, all people traveled to Hong Kong, Japan, UK etc. would talk about how they would take those back home. You would thought having KK here will shorten duration and leave all the hassles in getting it. THAT was wrong!

The first few weeks and months of having KK at Paragon mall was crazy. Crazy lines, crazy people. Some said the worst was 3-4 hours of waiting in queue. I wasn't exaggerated when I said crazy people. To make things more "annoyed", there were "donut scalpers" - people who queued up and bought tons of box and would try to sell those to people who didn't want to wait. Of course, more expensive from original price.

I wasn't bothered about KK in the first few months. Surely, I have eaten KK when I was studying in UK. I liked it. I had even bought a dozen to share with my housemates. But 3-4 hours of waiting is a bit too much for me. Anyhow, yesterday I had a meeting with friend in Paragon and had spare time so I thought I would get a dozen for my mum. Queue wasn't long but I was freaking annoyed with donut scalpers. You would thought they were outside Paragon and approached you but, the hell, they were mobbing people in front of KK stall! Even next to security guard. I mean, what the hell is this?! scalpers trying to sell donuts in front of donut stall! And the queue wasn't even long. It was like 10 people ahead of me.

I was browsing through choices of donuts they had and I wasn't pleased. AT ALL. Yesterday, they had original glazed, X'mas decorated glazed, graham krunch, new york cheesecake, strawberry-filled powder and chocolate. It was 6 pm and should almost be the peak hour of selling. Krispy Kreme Thailand seriously did not meet the standard. Where are lemon-filled powders? where are crullers? I know they said it is their right to provide whatever choices of donuts to sell but shouldn't you have more choices or at least, constantly produce these choices, not finishing and never making again?

When it was about my turn, the girl who stood behind me (who I assumed was scalper) was asking me if i would only buy one dozen. I only turned to her and nodded. I was like 75% sure she would probably ask me to help her buying another dozen for sell but since I have the most unfriendly face ever, she didn't dare. My assuming was proved right when it was her turn after me (I watched her), she didn't say a word but the staff just went to get 2 dozens of assorted donuts for her. That's so obvious that she kept coming back and buying this and the staff know. Don't you think it's quite wrong? That means KK Thailand in a way allowed people to make profit from them? You know this could mean, the whole long queue was filled with donut scalpers, not really buyers.

Asked me if I will buy again, surely I will but I won't bothered much. I like it but doesn't mean I'm gonna keep eating this trans-fat junk everyday. I'm not gonna queue and waste my life away if it took too long. And I won't tolerate with annoying donut scalpers. So maybe in next 6 months, I will buy again.

Krispy Kreme
Ground floor
Siam Paragon
Rama I road

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  1. Since the queues aren't as long as they used to be, why are there still scalpers? And she tried to get you to help her out- that's just kind of tacky. I really didn't get all the hype about KK here. My friends and I were talking about how in the states, it's just a typical donut place, but here, they make it all so high end. I'll probably check it out once the hype has died down. Have a good weekend!

  2. I've been to Coyote before a couple of times. If we're going for Mexican, would you like to try La Monita (near Ploenchit BTS)? I've been seeing reviews online and it looks pretty good. If you could drop your e-mail somewhere, that'd be great so we can plan further- I'm excited for our foodie adventures!

  3. Oh wow so this KK craze is not only in Japan... it seems so bizarre that people will actually queue up for them. THey are pretty much ubiquitous in the states and probably in the UK too. THere was one in Lebanon too, although it seemed Dunkin Donuts got there first.
    But then who am I to judge? I haven't tasted the fabulous KK donuts yet