Friday, 3 December 2010

Sapporo: Nanda (難陀)

One thing on the top "to do" list of people visiting Sapporo/Hokkaido is to eat their famous 3 crabs (hairy crab, snow crab and king crab). I have eaten at this place which seems to be famous among Chinese and Korean tourits (since they have eating instruction for crab in Chinese and Korean) before so my friend, P, said I must take her there to eat since she didn't come with me last trip.

Nanda is located in susukino area, or the night-life area of Sapporo. Much closer to Hosui-susukino station that Susukino station itself. It is located in underground level of Cyber City building. This place is highly recommended, not for the taste of food but for the variety of food they provide and the fact that it is all you can eat for 90 or 120 minutes (depends on your choice). The restaurant seperates dinning/seating area from buffet lines properly and the seating area wasn't too cramped as well.

After we told the staff that we want 90 minutes all you can eat without all you can drink alcohol plan. They left us to enjoy the food they provided and would come back 10 minutes before our time end for the bill. (If you don't drink alcohol, do not fret as the softdrink is already included in the all you can eat plan you choose - 90 minutes for 3,480yen per person). We explored the food counters and was greeted with the famous crabs (already boiled) and shellfish.

Aside from seafood stuff, they also have beef/pork and vegetable for grilling as well.

Not just yakiniku stuff they have, sashimi and sushi they have here are also quite fresh. But the king of the night must have been the uni, ikura and crab meat which they provided for us to make our own sanshoku-don (三色丼 - literally means 3 coloured rice dish). The ikura was just in right taste, not too salty, not too bland. And all of them are very fresh!

For changing of taste, you might go for chilli prawn or gratin they have. They also have tempura which I didn't try but friend said it was good.

They also have huge range of desserts/fruits counter, they even have soft cream! I didn't try any of their sweets as I was too full but their kiwis and oranges were very fresh and sweet!

I wasn't really digging the crab as it was too hassle to peel and crack the crab. Also I found that the crab was already cooked (boil perhaps) and left in the fridge so it was a bit weird. Anyhow, I digged the scallops so much! You can add butter to your scallops as much as you want and you can grill it any way you like! I tried the tsukune (minced chicken in stick) and it was very really good! Going well with the yakiniku sauce they provided. They also have miso soup, salad bar, nabe to fill up your tummy.

As I mentioned I highly recommended this place for you who visit Sapporo for tasting the taste of Sapporo. Also I recommend you guys to make reservation for table as this place seems to be very popular not just with tourists so it is wise to ask your hotel reception to help you booking a table.

Nanda (難陀)

Susukino, Sapporo, Japan
Tel. 011-532-7887
Gourmet navi:

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  1. Wow wow wow! This looks amazing! I don't eat raw fish but I know I'd enjoy everything else!

  2. I have been looking for information about Nanda Seafood and your blog has given a lot of information. The photos are helpful. Thank you very much !

  3. very delicous I just experienced yesterday