Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sapporo: Donburi-Chaya at Nijo Fish Market

When going to Japan, it is best to visit their market esp. fish market to explore the food they sell and to taste the incredibly fresh seafood they have. I was told that I should visit Nijo Fish Market of Sapporo if I go there. We decided to have breakfast at the market, so we set off from our hotel which is located near JR Sapporo, walking pass The famous clock tower and Odori park which we found this cute fandog, wearing the concert T-shirt of the reason why me and friends were in Sapporo.

Maybe it was Sunday, Nijo market wasn't that 'lively'. We found that not all the shops were opened but still a handful of them were operating, selling super big crabs and some dried seafood to tourists (we saw a lot of Chinese, not many locals).

super huge & expensive crabs

After a quick browse of stalls, we were trying to find "Donburi-Chaya", the restaurantn I found on the internet which selling seafood donburi. It was located inside the market which you have to go through small alley that I do not know how to explain (so if you are going, please go into every small alley or just ask people around for this shop).

As I found their website and printed out coupon, after ordering our food I showed them the coupon and received free appertizer which is picked seaweed and fresh uni. I don't eat uni in general as it wasn't fresh in Thailand so the taste was really awful. But uni here was amazing! It was creamy and sweet.

At first, I was gonna order the sanshoku-don which showed in the menu above but decided to go for Marusen Don, a sample set which you get 4 small bowls of different types (hotate (scallop) &uni don, ikura&salmon don, makuro&ebi (shrimp) don and kani (crab meat) don) with miso crab soup. It is best value for 2499yen.

My most favourite among these small bowls is the hotate and uni. The hotate was very very fresh and very sweet. The uni was amazing as I already told you. So this dish received so much loved from me and friends.

Second best must have been the kani don. Crab meat was sweet and tasty. You really don't need to put any sauce in it and can just enjoy the sweetness of crab and warm rice.

Ikura was also good as it wasn't too salty and the prawn was fresh and sweet. As for salmon and makuro, it was medicore. So we just came to conclusion that you can taste all the amazing recommended food of Hokkaido here (Ikura, uni, hotate and kani) but for sashimi fish, they are some good and some medicore. Still highly recommended for visitors to Sapporo to visit this place for good food!

Donburi-Chaya (どんぶり茶屋)
Nijo Fish Market, Sapporo
Open: AM7:30 - PM5:30

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