Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sapporo: Aji no Tokeidai (味の時計台)

I know that once you visited Hokkaido, you must have butter corn ramen. So I have researched for recommended places to eat in Sapporo for their famous miso ramen. Aji no Tokeidai was popped into the scene. It is a famous Hokkaido ramen shops that now has branches all over Japan. To my surprise, I found one of their shops just around the corner of my hotel which I learned that they will be closed at 11pm. So I told my friends to wait up for me for dinner (for me, supper for them) that night as I had 'fangirl' business to do and kept my fingers cross that I would be able to make it for last order of this. Very fortunated that I was able to leave my so-called business faster than expected. so I got back to hotel and meet everyone for dinner by 10pm!

There're so many interesting things in menu. Friends went for something small as they already had sushi in Otaru while I was away. So I went for their recommendation, Hotate (scallop) Butter Corn Ramen.

But first off, we ordered gyoza to share. It was okay. Just ordinary gyoza.

Then there comes my main dish. I never had butter in ramen before so I didn't know how it suppose to taste like. I was afraid, to be honest, coz it never cross my mind that butter would go well with ramen. But it did, or at least didn't have any weird taste. It made the soup taste more richer. I think one of the best bit of this ramen is corn. I really enjoyed eating miso ramen with corn as the corn has sweet flavour in it so it helped in balancing the ramen. The scallops were huge anyway, never seen big scallops much at home so this dish is quite fascinating for me.

If you ask, Aji no Tokeidai is good but not the best. Not something you shouldn't miss in Sapporo. Anyhow, if you looking for place to eat in cold winter, it is one of the good choices anyway.

Aji no Tokeidai (味の時計台)

various branches
Map of branch that I ate:

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