Monday, 6 December 2010

Sapporo: Kura (久楽)

Me, N and S were hungry souls after some heavy shopping sessions in Odori's Tanukikoji so we were walking around for food then we randomly found "Kura" ramen, next to the famous soup-curry shop, Picante. S recalled that he asked our hotel's reception for recommended ramen shops in Sapporo and she told us about "Kura" ramen which was not far from our hotel. So we decided to pop in for some food.

N was really hungry so she ordered shoyu tsukemen (or dipping noodle) to share with S who wasn't much hungry. I ordered ika yaki (grilled squids) for snacking. I can forever praise the squid dish as it was so well-cooked. The squid was very very tender and can be eaten without the mayo dipping. I miss this dish, like a lot. Blogging about this makes me craving it so much! As for tsukenmen, I did try a bit of it and i though I was falling in love. Why so delicious?! The soup was strong which is expected for tsukemen. If I wasn't too full, I would probably order it to eat right away.

Since we fell in love with this ramen shop, we decided to come back for more after our one day trip to Noboribetsu with everyone.

T ordered the spicy ramen once again but this time she approved as it was really spicy, unlike the one at Aji no Tokeidai which we assume that was already spicy for Japanese (it's our own bad, Thai people who have high threshold for spiciness).

I didn't quite catch what S has ordered, maybe it was white miso ramen. I did taste the soup though, it was very nice. Not too salty, something you would enjoy slurping.

N ordered the fried rice which looks so cute and yummy at the same time. I love the idea of serving the fried rice on a bed of egg and u can mix that yourself. The fried rice smelled so nice. I know my mum would love this.

I ordered the ika-yaki to share (again, I love it too much!) and curry tsukemen to try. The curry soup wasn't too strong for drinking and I love that along with the noodle and chachu, they have carrot for me to put in the soup which gives out the feeling of me eating curry! They also have a bowl of rice in the set so you can try the soup over rice for change of taste.

I can say that Kura is my favourite ramen shop in Sapporo (haven't tried Asahikawa's back soup ramen yet so you never know). I would definitely go back to Kura ramen again next time I visit Sapporo (hopefully next year!).

Kura (久楽)
Sapporo, Japan

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