Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hakodate: Gotoken (五島軒)

When I researched for place to eat in Hakodate, aside from fresh seafood stuff someone was mentioning that everyone should try "Gotoken", the western style restaurant which is famous for curry. As we arrived in Hakodate after noon, we decided to avoid the big crowds and went sight-seeing around bay area first.

Hakodate is a very cute town so we got carried away with time so it was almost 3 pm when we were in front of the restaurant. Inside, it was decorated in western style, with some elegant touch.

I didn't forget to ask for English menu since my Japanese language knowledge is pretty limited. I found that they were still serving set menu (curry dish+salad+coffee/tea) so T went for beef and mushroom curry while I went for seafood curry. You might get intimidated by seeing the word (mild) and (hot) behind the item. Trust me, when they said "hot", it doesn't taste THAT hot.

They started serving the condiments to eat with curry which are some pickled stuffs and peanuts first. If you have a chance, you gotta try Japanese curry with pickled small garlic (below, right-most in the picture above).

T's beef and mushroom curry set

Not waiting long, the curry came with a plate of rice and salad. My seafood curry was full with squid, crab meat, shrimp and some clams. It was very tasty, not too strong but not too bland like the usual Japanese curry cube would give out. You could taste the real curry powder they are using in this dish. The salad did help changing taste once the curry taste was getting too much.

I was very much enjoying this super late lunch. Too bad I didn't realised that their recommended dish is duck curry so next time I will have that, for sure!

Gotoken (五島軒)
4-5 Suehirocho
, Hokkaido

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  1. That plate of little pickles and stuff is enough to sell me... I love that kind of stuff :)

  2. The interior looks very hi-so. I didn't eat the pink pickles at first cos the color scared me but now I love them! Everything you got to eat there looks super awesome!