Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Japan: Bento, Conbini & Supermarket food (2)

As much as I enjoyed eating Japanese food at restaurant, I was also looking forward to eat supermarket food as well. The thing I love about Japanese supermarket/food hall are the wide range of choices they have (from Japanese to Italian) and the discount tag went their supermarket is about to close (Hooray for the cheap decent food!).

Once we got down to Tokyo, I made sure that we spared a night visiting Isetan Shinjuku for food shopping.

These were the food we bought for me and friend, should I add that it is also a lady friend? we are big eater so it can't be helped that we just bought everything we want!

I bought the gyoza from gyoza stall which is right in front of Isetan's supermarket cashier. They have many kind of gyozas, whether the round shape or the one with prawn. It was juicy and was still crispy although we carried them from Shinjuku to Ueno.

The salmon and makuro sashimi were having discount tags on so we bought these two to eat. It was fresh and nice but nothing special. Maybe coz we were already spoiled from eating fresh seafood in Sapporo! It wasn't expensive anyway. I think it was only 800yen for these.

My friend T wanted to try their fusion rolls of unagi and avocado. These are very americanised rolls. It was okay. Nothing fancy so I could have had these at Pan-kun restaurant in Salaya and still be happy.

This one is deep fried pork with cheese stuffing and big fried prawn. Crispy and yummy. I wish we bought more this. I would wanna try their croquettes as well. I think I must have a thing for deep fried food!

I was afraid those wouldn't be enough to fill my tummy (how dare I was to think like that!?) so I bought this ready to eat bento from Ministop combini. The thing about combini food in Japan is that they taste so good, so good that I don't understand how they do it! I bought this deep fried chicken with tatar sauce on top and some rice. The combini staff reheat it for us so we can have nice hot meal. So decent!

In order to finish off this meal, we bought cakes from Takano Fruitbar in front of JR Shinjuku, East exit (in front of Lumine). Takano is quite famous for making cakes/pastries with seasonal/tropical fruits.

So we chose mango layer cake and raspberry cheesecake (or something - I fail so much in reading Japanese' katakana). I love the mango one so much and this is from someone who didn't eat ripped mango until she finished her first degree. It wasn't too sweet like cakes I found in Thailand. The taste was just right. I'm not a big cake eater as well but I did finish this one off without any help from my cake-eater buddy. That should say something about Takano's cake isn't it? The raspberry one was also nice but I'd much prefer the mango!

Talking about dessert, going into combini is like a heaven for me. I love checking out ice cream section coz it is no different from typical comvenient stores or even supermarket at home! The choice range is so wide that not all combini will sell the same thing. My most favourite ice cream of this trip must have been...

"Haagen-Dasz's Chocholate Fondant"

I must tell you, this is like the most amazing thing ever. It suppose to be ice cream but it wasn't any ordinary ice cream. It has melted chocolate inside, just like the real fondant! It wasn't too sweet as well. Very very delicious.

The next day I also found Haagen-Dasz's Millefeuille aux frambroises so I bought and tried. It was okay but nothing extraordinary, unlike their fondant. I'm highly recommended!


  1. Wow, I'm dazzled by those desserts, even the Haagen-Daaz Millefeuille aux frambroises looks so much more delicious than American Haagen-Daaz.

  2. A feast in your hotel room! All the food looks really good, especially the avocado/unagi roll (my fav). The Haagen-Daaz looks good- too bad we don't have those in BKK.

    I'll probably head to Siam over the weekend, but other than that, I'll be catching up on sleep. Hope you have a good weekend (with lots of good food)!