Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bangkok: HOBS (House of Beers)

It was lazy Sunday afternoon, P was suggesting that we should go to HOBS for beer. I have heard so much about HOBS (House of Beers) so decided to call everyone for a drink.

HOBS is located on the 2nd floor of this small cozy Aree Garden, small complex with bakery shops, nail salons and restaurants. It's opposite the Ministry of Finance with small car park. It's like a green space with trees and grass - it did give out a very cozy as if you were at your home.

(L-R: Hoegaarden, Stella Artois & Raspberry beer)

We weren't that hungry at the beginning so we just ordered drinks. I had my pint of Stella Artois, while friends ordered Hoegaarden and Raspberry fruitbeer. I was so pleased to reunite with my Stellar again. I was never a beer-drinker, never like the taste of it. I had my first proper beer when I was in UK and with Stella Artois. That's when I started changing my behaviour from drinking spirit with coke to other types of beer/larger. Anyway, as I returned to Thailand, I switched back to my spirit/cocktail drinking again. I went back to phase of disliking the taste of beer. So to be able to drink my pint of Stella made me realises that I just didn't hate the taste of beer but I have taste bud for only certain type of beer. I tasted my friends' Hoegaarden and I found it only okay for me. The fruitbeer was sweet, as sweet that you cannot tell it's beer.

Belgian fries and Nachos

We ordered Belgian fries and Nachos to share as appertizers. Belgian fries came with 6 dipping sauces; tomato sauce, wasabi mayo, garlic mayo, pesto mayo and curry mayo. I forgot the last dipping sauce, probably 'coz it didn't have distinguished taste. The garlic mayo was so good, I have to say. It was a great snack. As for Nachos, it came with a great portion of chilli and cheese with side sour cream and salsa. I wish they could top that of with guacamole. It would have made a great finish for this dish. The chilli tasted very pleasant. It was a popular dish for beer-drinkers!

Ragu & Seafood white wine

As the night approached, we decided to stay for dinner here. That's when I couldn't keep up on taking pix as so many dishes arrived and probably 'coz I started to get tipsy! I ordered cider after finishing my beer. It was dry and not too sweet. I saw that it's an imported cider from UK, cannot remember the name though. For food, we ordered ragu pasta, seafood white wine pasta, another portion of Belgian fries, alfredo pasta and steak (which I can't remember if that was sirloin or tenderloin). Ragu pasta was too salty. We weren't sure if it was the sauce of the pasta itself which was salty. Seafood white wine, on the other hand, was very pleasant. It was very yummy and people actually just kept eating the pasta, leaving behind mussels and squid! Alfredo was okay and as for steak, well, the gravy was actually very yummy. We dipped the fries in gravy and kept wanting more but the meat wasn't anything amazing. Actually we expected better quality of meat for this price tag. And we got them medium-rare instead of medium as we instructed them.

I would recommend this place for beer lovers as their choices are extensive. I'm planning to take my dad there for dinner some night as he would have love drink anything apart Singha or Heineken.

HOBS - House of Beers
Aree Garden Complex
Aree Samphan 11 ( Phaholyotin soi 5 )
Tel 02-6171600
Open Hours: 11.00-01.00

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  1. I was at Aree Garden a few weeks ago at Polka Dot! I heard about Hobs and the fries look great, especially all the dipping sauces!

  2. SIX dipping sauces for your fries!? Yet another reason that I must go to Bangkok one day...
    Re your comment...I know what you be when say you want to wait on the frosting...I'm a newcomer to frosting myself.