Monday, 9 August 2010

Bangkok: Tapas Cafe

C came back from a trip to Spain with full spirit since beginning of the year. He has been talking about Spain for a long while even when we met him for Korean food in May or June. It seems like Catalan has left an imprint in his heart and tummy. So after the Korean food adventure, we were communicating via facebook (how hip are we!?) about trying out Spanish food in Bangkok and, well, for the sake of Sangria time. I was browsing through Spanish restaurant in Bangkok and found a review on Tapas Cafe which looks decent. At that time, Spain wasn't no.1 in football yet and we were still broke so we decided to postpone the meeting for August. So yesterday was the day we marked our trip to Spanish cuisine.

R has pitched in the idea of having late brunch at 1 pm. At first, some of us felt it is a bit too early for Sangria but eventually, we gotta thank her for the idea since it's Happy Hour at Tapas Cafe anytime before 1pm. It's 'Buy 1 get 1 Sangria' and 'Buy 3 Tapas dishes, free 1 tapas dish'. We were ecstatic about that ending up 5 litres of Sangria for 5 of us and super long lunch from 1 pm to 5 pm. It must have been Sangria that made us living like Spaniards!


We ordered 4 tapas dishes; Calamares Fritos (Deep fried Calamari with garlic mayo), Gambas al Ajillo (Prawn in garlic sauce), Vieras Saltiadas c/ Jamon Iberico (Seared scallops with ham) and Chipirones Plancha (Grilled baby squids)
Among 4 dishes of Tapas, I love the deep fried calamari the most since I'm a squid fan and the garlic mayo is just tasty. Prawn was also awesome and the garlic sauce goes well with bread they giving out to us. The grilled squids one was the so-so one for me, however, C was happy to eat this as he's a German supporter so he took this a revenge with Paul the Octopus.

Calamares Fritos and Chipirones Plancha

C started ordering dishes he likes from trip to Spain. The Spanish Omelette was plain for me. Nothing to talk about, however, this Patatas Bravas (basically fried potato tops with garlic mayo and tomatoes sauce) was super awesome. It's like heaven for carb-addicted like me.

Patatas Bravas

After the long wait, our seafood paella finally came. It wasn't too soggy, just perfect to my liking. I haven't had Paella since I came back from UK so that must have been like 5 years or so, hence, I was so happy to eat this again! The portion of this is actually for 2 persons but for 5 of us who already had couples of tapas, this is more than enough.

We took break from food and Sangria to drink more water as by that time we were already tipsy before we started ordering dessert and last round of Sangria. The Creme Catalana was just like Crème brûlée which I have no comment about but the Chocolate Amargo (Chocolate Mousse) we ordered was just heavenly. I think there were some biscuits under the chocolate mousse which was top with whipped creme. It was very pleasant for me.

It was such a great meal for me, not only because of pleasant food and sangria but also because of my uni mates. It is definitely a great spot for you to just eat, drink and chat on lazy weekend. The price is quite expensive but already expected. I guess it wasn't too bad looking from the bill since almost half of the cost went to alcohol drinks we consume. I would definitely come back and recommend this place to my friends.

Tapas Cafe
1/25 Sukhumvit Soi 11

Tel: 02 6512947
Open: 11 am til late

BTS: Nana

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